Be Carefull!

Submitted by Midge on 11/12/04 at 7:26 PM. ( )

A friend of mine just lost an eye while mounting a deer.
He turned quickly and got poked right in the eye with an antler.
Wear safety glasses while mounting deer!

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Been there done that

This response submitted by Cecil on 11/12/04 at 7:30 PM. ( )

Fortunately my injury was not serious. Good advice.

Also remember if a bird poops in your eye when you look up and you've got a hook for a hand don't scratch it!

Sounds good, but those of us who WEAR glasses

This response submitted by George on 11/12/04 at 7:42 PM. ( )

...know that's why they're called "accidents". I've had the exact same thing happen to me WITH glasses on as the antler "hooked" under the lens. Sure, you could wear sideguards or you could wear a welding shield, but in reality, you just have to remain constantly vigilant to your surroundings. Remember, if it can go wrong, it eventually will.

So that is your excuse Cecil?

This response submitted by Pro Taxidermist on 11/12/04 at 7:58 PM. ( )

Cecil got an infection and it settled in his brain. He never did recover. Yes, you gotta be careful! World can't stand another Cecil.

Whatever you say Probitionary Taxidermist

This response submitted by Cecil on 11/12/04 at 8:04 PM. ( )


Time to play Cecil! Ready?

This response submitted by Pro Taxiderrmist on 11/12/04 at 8:07 PM. ( )

How shall we continue?

This is fun huh?

How about doe?

This response submitted by joe on 11/12/04 at 8:29 PM. ( )

Ever try to mount a doe? Lucky she doesn't have horns!

pro taxidermist

This response submitted by Mr. T on 11/12/04 at 8:35 PM. ( )

I don't get it,,,, You warn Cecil about mocking God, than you call him names, you are the typical Christian. This is you're way of doing Gods work?

I like to bring out the best in folks

This response submitted by Cecil on 11/12/04 at 8:48 PM. ( )

on here. It never fails they always show their true colors. Some on here are excellent examples of hypocrites. LOL

Keep inserting foot in mouth Pro taxidermy. This IS fun.

Hey all joking put aside.

This response submitted by John C on 11/12/04 at 9:09 PM. ( )

Use some garden hose on the antler tips too. D


This response submitted by Vicki Chritton-Myers on 11/13/04 at 9:13 AM. ( )

Foam pieces work pretty well, too. Must admit, I don't usually wear safety glasses and seldom put the foam on the tips, until I have a near miss or two. It is always a good idea to wear eye (and hand) protection while working in the studio, though. I, too, have barely missed losing an eye. Once with a tine and once with the spur of a pheasant that I was hanging up to thaw. The pheasant slipped off the hook while I was holding it up above my head and neatly pierced the skin just below my eyebrow.

One thing I learned many years ago, while a graphic artist is: When using an Xacto knife and you drop it, don't try to catch it! Someone where I worked got a nasty cut on her hand that way.

Just pay attention

This response submitted by Tom on 11/14/04 at 8:37 PM. ( )

Wouldn't just paying attention to what you are doing work just as good. I can't believe you would be in that much of a hurry to let that happen. Maybe I just haven't been doing this long enough. I hope your friend is doing ok!

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