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Submitted by anon on 11/13/04 at 11:47 AM. ( )

why dont you just make this site a read only forum? because every time we post some [expletive deleted] like george roof tells us to look it up in the archives so if were going to search the forums for every question why do we need to post? i think we shouild shut this site down from posting and make it a read only archive forum!

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This response submitted by Curt on 11/13/04 at 11:54 AM. ( Curt )

Why dont you go search the Archieves for your answer and quit complaining!


Why use space and answer the same question 100 times or more

This response submitted by John C on 11/13/04 at 11:58 AM. ( )

Yea surely even you can understand the same questions recure every 3-4 months.

Now if YOU are Dumb as a rock, keep asking the same question every 2-3 days?

Hey by the way your post has already been assnwered and it's in the ARCIVES! LMAOAY

Well "anon"

This response submitted by Todd B on 11/13/04 at 12:21 PM. ( )

When you start funding this site then you can make the changes you want. Until then you can just go to Google and search for answers. Or ask an original question that has not been asked a thousand times before.

how about you stop posting and only use the archives....

This response submitted by Griz on 11/13/04 at 12:55 PM. ( )

you can just stop reading the recent posts, and you would be happy

how about no complaining

This response submitted by joe on 11/13/04 at 1:12 PM. ( )

don't dare complain- About anything! unless you're george or john c

OK, I'll bite

This response submitted by George on 11/13/04 at 1:45 PM. ( )

Not that I expect a couple of Einstein's like you guys to listen anyway, but if you scroll down the "RECENT" category, I want you to count how many times anyone's been told to look in the archives. Then when you get to these one or two in the last month, actually GO to the archives and ask that particular question. None of them contain any less than 10, and most of them contain 50 or more EXACT SAME QUESTIONS. But for people who only have dots for names, there are probably four letters in the adjective describing what they have for brains as well.

BTW, "How do I tan a skin", "How do I mount a skull", "How do I tan a snake", "What does fleshing/splitting ears/lips/eyes mean", "How big a wire do I need in a bird", and thousands of other BASIC questions have been answered countless times for people who are just too damned lazy to look and who want the people who give this information freely, to jump through a hoop for their worthless asses. Many times, I simply ignore the question (just like I've done on three others posted along with this one under "RECENT"), but sometime, I tell knotheads just like you to get off their butts and look it up. If that bruises your tender sensibilities, TOUGH.

LMAO @ George

This response submitted by Coyote on 11/13/04 at 3:06 PM. ( )

Good responds George. Definitly love the TOUGH!


The answer is proper manners.

This response submitted by Paul I on 11/13/04 at 6:58 PM. ( )

Anon with proper manners and respect many might help you.Without them this thread comes to mind.I have said this before and it sticks.When asking for help the head tilts downward slightley at a non aggressive angle.The hand goes out and if someone wants to help they will.The word cocky comes from a famous baby term call cah cah.When your cocky what do you think you will get.LOL

Dry Preservative or Tanning

This response submitted by mkt on 11/13/04 at 7:42 PM. ( )

I cant seem to find that by hitting the Orange button!

Someone please

This response submitted by Ron on 11/13/04 at 7:49 PM. ( )

give us a list of these "original" questions, and post them, so we can know which questions may or may not be asked. It would sure end this [expletive deleted] debate once and for all. Damn, is it really four years till the next election.

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