Which SUPPLY COMPANY is your favorite and why?

Submitted by Old & Tired Taxidermist --KIM on 11/13/04 at 3:52 PM. ( )

I was wondering why you, as a professional taxidermist or other consumer of taxidermy supplies, use or favor any specific company and why?

1. Is it the quality, selection, price, shipping, customer service or what?
2. What would you like to see changed or offered in a taxidermy supply company?

There are several to choose from. Many are being bought up by the big three. Some companies are just getting started.

Is it Van Dyke's, McKenzie, Research, WASCO, Jonas, Trufitt, or ?

Thanks for your input for this project.


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This response submitted by James Parrish on 11/13/04 at 5:47 PM. ( )

McKenzie is my favorite. They have the absolute best customer service. I can order it today before noon and it will be on my doorstep tomorrow...and best of all the order is correct and the products are high quality. I am least in love with WASCO and Van Dykes...the main reason is that it takes them a minimum of 3 days to ship my order. That's too long in my opinion. Next day or same day shipping should be the standard. I also like Quality Taxidermy Supply...again, same day shipping and Tammy and Terry are great people to do business with.

im with james

This response submitted by lee on 11/13/04 at 6:14 PM. ( )

my opion exactly!


This response submitted by Evelyn on 11/13/04 at 7:02 PM. ( )

I like them all equally. I have not noticed a difference in customer service among the big companies besides the time it takes to receive an order. McKenzie is superfast, Van Dykes works with me wonderfully on special orders for my reptiles, WASCO has things others don't, Coombs is superfast too. I truly can't say anything bad about any of them. They are like my children.... I don't have a favorite.


This response submitted by ... on 11/13/04 at 7:28 PM. ( )

DAN, just kidding

Van Dykes and old Noonkester

This response submitted by samantha on 11/13/04 at 7:30 PM. ( cervin@hotkey.net.au )

These 2 companies (for international people) give/gave such good service and nothing is too much trouble. If i wanted to know a measurement of a form that wasn't printed - no worries. They answered emails or responded to phone messages and orders were delivered within 3 - 5 days.
McKenzie on the other hand - never respond to emails or phone messages and i havnt seen a small book order i placed 2 weeks ago - just to get a catalog. (1 reason i havn't ordered with them reg)
A friend of mine, also a taxidermist, lives an hour away from me and gets returned emails - even phone calls and her orders within 3-4 days, and gets catalogs without asking.
But - she orders regulary from them.
Begining to think they have a list of customers - those who order big and regulary and those who dont.

(if anyone from McKenzie reads this - can you contact me......please)

McKenzie read this too

This response submitted by mark on 11/13/04 at 9:36 PM. ( marklancetm@aol.com )

its mid nov and i havent gotten the new catalog either, i like samantha dont place large orders but i do order every year
as far as customer service i never had a problem i emailed u guys today about the catalog

just so you guys dont feel its favorites...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 11/13/04 at 10:54 PM. ( )

I never got MY catolog from McKenzie via mail either! I had them resend it in one of my packages.

When I pick a supplier, the first thing, the most important thing, is the product. Then of course its service next, along with price, and finally, distance.

I like dealing with Research and Jonas, but theyre west coast, so the common items I order closer to home. But Id have no problem referring folks to them, and as many of you know, I do just that.

I like some of the forms from the companies you dont hear as much about, too. Gene Smith, Fosters, Mears. Nice forms for certain sized deer I mount. I also have always liked Coombs forms too.

But for selection, detail and over-all, I choose McKenzie first. Theyre the closest to me, and I agree with the style they offer most.

In closing, I wouldnt order exclusively from one company, but thats my favorite.

I like

This response submitted by Kim Collins on 11/13/04 at 10:56 PM. ( ynedkcollins5@netzero.com )

WASCO because I can call it in in the morning and pick it up at lunch. I like the girls in the office, but my husband doesnt it seems that sometimes when he goes they dont wait on him right away.Dont know what thats about except he isnt one to walk up to someone and ask to be help. Still trying to get him to do this instead of standing around and waiting on help.

McKenzie because I can call an order in by 12 and have it on my front porch by 5:00 the next day and I am in Georgia at that!

Kim Collins
Bubba's Taxidermy


This response submitted by Wally on 11/14/04 at 12:11 AM. ( muthagoose@hotmail.com )

McKenzie for fast shipping and now with the combination of companies they have a great selection of forms..
WASCO for primo customer service.I can live with them being slightly slower in consideration they will always make sure your happy with whatever ya buy.
Van Dykes for easy online shopping. Altho it sure sucks whe ya call and they tell ya a item has been shipped and ya dont see it CEPT on your credit card..
H&B for ultra fast shipping of bulk materials and personal service. I get all my bulk and hazzard from them they are just down the road. .I get out of the shop for a ride also..
Over all McKenzie then WASCO then Van Dykes and finally H&B 1,2,3
Im with Yox on this one ya cant just order from one ya gotta shop to stay alive in the biz,,,,

Well, I used to use

This response submitted by Ron on 11/14/04 at 12:13 AM. ( )

WASCO a lot, but I have not gotten a catolog in two years, plus when ever I ordered half my order would be back ordered. Until yesterday I highly recommended Van-dykes as far as prices on basic supplies and decent customer service. I tried four times to call and got put on hold for what I feel was an unreasonable amount of time. Hung up three times. Don't know if something was wrong with their lines or what. They have put me on hold before but never that long.Anyway I'm over it. They almost lost a couple hundred dollar sale though.

Over all McKenzies has my vote as they are very fast and of course have such a large selection of forms. Damn huge catolog this time but a whole bunch of pages missing out of mine though. The ones that should contain the elk forms. That cost them big as I had to order several this week.
As far as the smaller companies, Ben Mears is making a killing off of me. (Just kidding Ben) I sometimes use a couple hundred of his deer a year. Coombs is good too, both give excellent service, which is worth a lot to me.

Hilton Eppley Forms

This response submitted by Mike Rohanna on 11/14/04 at 1:39 AM. ( rohanna@comcast.net )

One supplier that has not been mentioned is Hilton Epply Forms. I can personally say that not only are these forms extremely accurate, but fit a wide range of deer across the US. Hilton not only is quallified as a taxidermist, but he cares for all of his clients on a personal basis. He stands by his products 100%, as do I! The combination of Hilton, and his wife, Kathy make this business a winning combination. Give Hilton's forms and products a try and I think you will be satisfied! He is truely a taxidermist friend!

McKenzie, Van Dykes and WASCO

This response submitted by Becky P on 11/14/04 at 8:22 AM. ( )

Never had a problem with any of them that hasn't been resolved in record time. As far as shipping goes, I live in Tx and they are all about the same. Quality products and outstanding customer service. BP

McKenzie,Ben Mears, WASCO,Van Dykes

This response submitted by TKemmerlin on 11/14/04 at 11:38 AM. ( )

I haven't had any problems to speak of with any on them.McKenzie usually has what I need and gets it here fast, but I do like to try to support most of the suppliers that I can. They all got into this business they same way we did.They first had a love for animals, then for the art they created with these specimans, then went on to market their own product. I feel like these suppliers are a big part of "our" family, and if one should fail, it is a part of us. I enjoy this art more now then I ever have, and I will support everything that
keeps this art "healthy". Tommy

Local company I like

This response submitted by TonyH on 11/14/04 at 2:26 PM. ( )

I like TR Supply. They don't have (to my knowledge) items that are exclusive to them like forms, etc. but they have the bottom-line best prices on products like Epo-Grip adhesives, Polytranspar and Wildlife Colors paints, etc. Their service is top-notch. You order, they email a confirmation almost immediately. You email a question, it's answered within an hour most times. Of course, I get orders next day because they're only 40 miles from here but, still, I like the service a bunch. www.TaxidermyReference.com and there's a link to them for those interested.

what about Jim Allred?

This response submitted by birdgirl on 11/14/04 at 2:49 PM. ( )

I love his deer forms, they have the sculpted internal nostril and septums in them and the positive set eyesockets.They ship same day too.


This response submitted by Drew on 11/14/04 at 10:57 PM. ( )

I like McKenzie because there customer service can't be beat. Research is also good, Jonas is ok since it is here in Denver but I don't like their forms.

I want a Trufitt catalog, but cannot get one! I have called them and they tell me it is sent and I have yet to get one. I wanted to try one of their mulie forms soon, looks like I am going to have to try another brand, probably Coombs.

now you see why I shouldnt answer these types of questions!

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 11/15/04 at 12:03 AM. ( )

I completely forgot to mention Mark from TR supply, (Mark, dont kill me!) and how the heck could I possibly omit Ken Edwards and Rick Carter and WASCO, of all companies! Theres times when I wonder why I even try, I just cant remember a damned thing anymore. I use WASCOs paints, and theres lots of things I like to order just from them, as I cant thank them enough for this site. Shame on me for the omission. I am a sh*thead...

Being just a fish guy...

This response submitted by marty on 11/15/04 at 9:32 AM. ( )

...I don't deal with some of these suppliers.

For me, WASCO is probably tops. Just because they have a better selection for fish stuff than anybody else. But honestly, my orders revolve around what I need (DUH - huh?). If Van Dykes only has an item that I need, I'll wait and get a few more things that I need, then I'll make the Van Dykes order. Van Dykes gets my business for trophy plates and plaques. But all in all, I'd say 75% of my orders go to WASCO. All other areas (customer service, etc.) are fairly equal. WASCO IS usually quicker though. But, I rarely need something "yesterday", so that's not a big deal to me...

Hey Drew

This response submitted by Rich P. on 11/15/04 at 10:59 PM. ( )

I had the same problem with Tru-Fit. Called twice still no catalog then called again the other day and told them I was going to order a bunch of mule deer forms but I need a catalog. Recieved one in two days priority mail. Rich

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