McCain: Kerry Not Returning My Calls

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It looks like failed presidential candidate John Kerry is nursing a grudge against his one-time friend and former defender, Sen. John McCain, who revealed yesterday that he's tried to contact the Massachusetts Democrat since his crushing defeat, but Kerry won't return his calls.

"I put in a call to John and I have not heard back from him," McCain told ABC Radio host Sean Hannity.

"We were friends and will remain friends," said the Arizona Republican, sounding mystified over the cold shoulder from his fellow Vietnam veteran.
While McCain campaigned for President Bush, he went out of his way not to attack Kerry - and he harshly denounced a campaign by the Swiftvets and POWs for Truth to expose Kerry's Vietnam War record.

McCain said his old buddy needs to put his election defeat behind him and concentrate on his work in the Senate. "We've got a lot of issues that we've got to work on in a bipartisan way."

While the Arizona Republican may have lost one friend, he seems to have picked up another. Asked about his relationship with President Bush, McCain recalled the time they spent together on the campaign trail.

"You know, when you spend time with somebody you like them more and he's a very likable person," he told Hannity. "We share a lot in common. We're both sports nuts. We talked a lot about sports."

What a vast difference in people , Kerry is such an puke ! President Bush would never have acted this way if he had lost . Ah , life is good , eh Cec!

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Its getting even better Brad

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Check this link out. LOL

This one's interesting too,. Had enough yet?

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