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Submitted by Joe SC on 11/25/04 at 12:23 AM. ( )

I was reading through the archives about acid baths,and they said that you should'nt neutralize longer than 30 minites. Is that 30 minites from the time you add the baking soda or from the time the PH is 4.5 to 5? I am useing WASCO acid bath crystals and liqua-tan.

Oh yea on the acid bath bottle it said to add the baking soda in intervals every 15 minites so you don't neutralize to fast?

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This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 11/25/04 at 6:44 AM. ( )

Joe, when you make the solution up it made prior to adding the capes. After you have made the capes are then added to the neturlizing solution for no more than thirty minutes. You then take it out rinse and drain for thrity. Then you can rub on the liqua-tan.
What WASCO is doing, is that they are telling you how to neturlize the hides in the pickle solution. Most if not all of us keep the pickle for future hides and make a neturlizing bath in another container. I use big sinks for my neturlizing. If you paln on doing more hides safe the pickle. Before you add more capes to the pickle always check the PH and slat contents with a saliometer.


This response submitted by Joe SC on 11/25/04 at 9:26 AM. ( )

AHH HAA I read the liquia-tan bottle this morning and your post and it all makes sense now! I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge
Frank,this is the best site ever!I thank you and everybody on this site that shares their experiences and knowledge MAY GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOUAND YOUR FAMILIES (and a special THANK YOU to KEN for the best site on the net!)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

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