Deer in my world

Submitted by Lon on 11/19/04 at 7:21 AM. ( )


I read your article in Breakthrough last night, sounds like your life is a dream. Another title you could of used Its a wonderful life.
Also I'd like to thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge on here.

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Is Bill our resident

This response submitted by Cecil on 11/19/04 at 11:10 AM. ( )

"Deer Whisperer?" Is Bill up there now with the "Squirrel Whisperer" John Belluci and the "Fish Whisperer" yours truly? LOL Just ribbing you Bill.

I agree totally!

This response submitted by Jeff F. on 11/19/04 at 1:13 PM. ( NaturesTrophies,aol )

It was one of the best articles I've read in a long time. Actually, it was everything I dream of achieving in life in regards to taxidermy. Deer are very fascinating and I'd love nothing more than to be able to study their unique personalities up close. Knowing Bill, I'm sure he appproached the article light heartedly but man, what a piece it turned out to be. Thank You Bill! Now, can we start the "get Jeff to Bills house for the weekend fund" started?(LOL) Peace- Jeff F.

thank you, but a funny thing...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 11/19/04 at 5:41 PM. ( )

I really wrote it to sound like its a labor of love, but my deer are your dog or someone elses hot rod collection. Theyre consuming, a pain in the bucket sometimes, but regardless, theyre in almost every step of your life. Cecil, nah, Im not that good, but I can grunt and rattle with the best of mine...

Also, I used me as the character, so I could speak from experience, but I was hoping that many if not the majority of you feel the same way I do. You may or may not own LIVE ones, but Im willing to bet you live and breath deer in many of the usages I described.

In a sense, the story is about all of YOU, too. Thank you for letting me describe you all.

I'm looking forward to reading it

This response submitted by TonyH on 11/21/04 at 9:50 PM. ( )

If my Breakthrough EVER SHOWS UP!

Sorry, just hate waiting for it.

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