Anyone Recommend An Above Average School?

Submitted by Frank Sanders on 11/28/04 at 9:29 PM. ( )

I'm looking for an exceptional taxidermy shool. I don't mind paying the extra money for a good school. If I'm going to take the time to go I want to learn the right way from reputable instructors. I've visited a couple shools while hunting in the lower 48 and am not impressed by the ones I see. Any input would be appreciated.

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This response submitted by ryan on 11/28/04 at 9:47 PM. ( )

i attended the pennsylvania institute of taxidermy last may through december. its the longest program out there. 920 hours, 22 mounts, 2 weeks of bussiness courses and world class instructors. ive won ribbons at my local state show with work ive done, im 24 years old and pretty much have a full time bussiness of my own. im not familiar with other schools, but when i started researching schools i couldnt find any over 12 weeks. what i learned in 7 1/2 months can not be taught in a shorter period. and i only got the tip of the iceberg. taxidermy is an art form and should be treated as such. the school is pricey, but id recommend it highly to anyone.

Hey Frank

This response submitted by Joe on 11/28/04 at 9:52 PM. ( )

If you want the best, top quality training, try Knopps in Spokane Washington. They are not cheap, but well worth the money. Joe

Why use a school?

This response submitted by John C on 11/28/04 at 10:24 PM. ( )

Why not use workshops.

One school in Montana seems to be the best. But why not use some of the people holding workshops?

It really will not cost any more and the one on one teaching is far better.

Angler's Artistry (New England)
9 Masquah Drive, Litchfield, NH 03052 -- (603) 774-8220
Learn the art of advanced pedestal mounts to the proper basics of modern fish taxidermy. Warm Water and Cold Water Fish Workshops are available from Master taxidermist / instructors and 1998 New England Taxidermy Championships Master of Masters Champion Richard Krane. Classes are offered in private one on one sessions or small groups up to 3 students. Workshops are available in 1 day up to a full 10-day complete course! With over 10 years of successful workshop training, Several past students have gone on to charge upwards to $18.00 per inch for their commercial fish work! Students have won Best of shows, Best of Categories, President Challenge Cups, and multiple Blue ribbons! Two students presently are certified Judges. Call, write, or e-mail for student references.

Cecil Baird (Indiana)
4700 N HWY 33, Ligonier, IN 46767 -- (260) 894-9055
Weekend Fish Taxidermy Workshops by an Awarding Winning Fish Specialist. Located in northern Indiana. Room and board included. Beginners to experienced. E-mail for further information or visit our web site.

Birds Only Wildlife Studio (British Columbia)
British Columbia, Canada -- Fax: (604) 541-8821
At Birds Only Wildlife Studio we want to teach you more than technical and creative skills. We want to teach you the art of taxidermy. Artist/instructor Glen Browning offers personalized, one on one courses, encouraging students to produce quality rather than quantity. Visit our web site for more information.


Bruch's Fish Taxidermy (Pennsylvania)
635 Dellville Road, Duncannon, PA 17020 -- (717) 834-6501
National Champion, Gary Bruch, offers hands on training workshops in all aspects of fish taxidermy. Classes are suited for the novice through the advanced taxidermist. A commitment to students is what allows so many of them to excel nationally. It is stated that knowledge, along with repetition of procedures, is what consistent quality is developed from. Based on his students' accomplishments, it is obvious that classes at Bruch's Fish Taxidermy will provide that knowledge. Please visit for more information.

Fortman's Tanning (Ohio)
14496 Co. Rd. 66A, St. Marys, Ohio 45885 -- (419) 394-4188
We offer schooling for those wanting to get started in the tanning business. Click here for more information.

Ronnie Gaillard (South Carolina)
302 Rosemary Lane, Greenville, SC 29615 -- (864) 292-5023
1992 World Champion whitetail taxidermist offers 3 day to 3 weeks work shops for the beginner to the master. All workshops are tailored to the individual. The individual gets a complete set of my reference photos, 4/6 and 8/10"s with a week shop or more. Please inquire either by e-mail or phone.

John Griffith (Kentucky)
532 Highway 1567, Stearns, KY 41230-6103 -- (606) 376-4380
World and National Award winner John Griffith is offering in-depth Whitetail Deer and Game Head Mounting. We offer weekend; 2-day; 5-day and 2-week classes all depending upon your skill level. We work with your schedule. Click here to find more:

Bret Kirk Wildlife Arts (Maryland)
207 Sharon St., Rising Sun, MD 21911 -- (410) 658-4019
One-on-one bird and waterfowl workshop with Master Bird Taxidermist Bret Kirk. Bret offers a fulfilling workshop where you will learn anatomy, movement and composition, and valuable techniques in specimen preparation and use of artificial parts. Each workshop is tailored to the individual's needs. Bret will guide you through mounting your first bird to honing your skills for winning competition entries. Lodging and home cooking is included. Please call (410) 658-4019.

Joe Meder (Iowa)
2737 Lakeview Drive, N.E., Solon, IA 52333-9564 -- (319) 644-2261
World Champion whitetail taxidermist Joe Meder offers intense training for competition and high-end taxidermy techniques. Studio includes live whitetail reference on site. Click here to visit website.

Murphy's Wildlife Art (Illinois)
18380 E. 2400 Street, Bushnell, IL 61422 -- (309) 772-9523
Gamehead training with Locie Murphy. Three and five day courses. Click here to visit our website.

Randy Nelson, Total Enviro Design (Minnesota)
RR2, Box 183, Madelia, MN 56062 -- (507) 642-8905
Molding: This one-on-one course includes the following: uses of silicones and urethanes, use of separators, use of and applications for reinforcements and fillers, glove molds and their construction, building backers. Two (2) day minimum, 16 hour course. Materials extra.
Habitat: This one-on-one course includes the following: Innovative products and their uses, Breakthrough ideas and their applications and techniques, explanation and tutoring for base building, plant reproduction and preservation, water and ripple re-creation, ice and snow techniques, and much, much more. Five (5) day minimum, 40 hour course. Materials extra.
Also Available: Master bird taxidermy classes.

Patrick J. Rummans (Montana)
223 1/2 West Main Street, Lewiston, MT 59457 -- (406) 538-2288
One-on-One intensive training with Master Bird Taxidermist Patrick Rummans. We offer individuals the opportunity to learn bird taxidermy in its simplest, most effective form. Students are taught from the ground up - anatomy, movement and composition being key aspects of training. Learn how to make manikins work for you. Come discover the potential of an extraordinary, proven method of bird taxidermy taught by no one else in the industry! Click here for more information.

Stefan Savides (California)
13722 Ridge Lane, Tennant/Macdoel, CA 96058 -- (541) 885-2912
Bird Taxidermy Master Skills Workshops. A packed, hands-on workshop where you'll learn anatomy concepts, use of reproduction parts, winning design and composition, skin preparation, specimen assesment, client communication and much more. Click here for more information.

Ron Schaefer (Texas)
2716 FM 708, Clifton, Texas 76634 -- (254) 675-3237
Heads Above the Rest: Strictly African & Exotics. Learn shoulder mounting, lifesize mounting, form alterations, solutions to problems with skins and wrinkles, sculpting, finishing techniques, and competition mounting. Collect safari park reference. New 2100 square-foot workshop.

Clark Schreibeis Wildlife Art (Montana)
5626 Danforth Road, Billings, MT 59106 -- (406) 656-9151
Clark Schreibeis is now offering three to five day intensive study, fish taxidermy, or fish carving workshops. Click here for more information.

Jan Van Hoesen (Michigan)
(517) 734-2707
Now giving private lessons, including carcass casting. Make your mammals come alive. Room and board included. E-mail for further information or Click here to visit our web site.

Bill Yox Taxidermy (New York)
5554 Redman Rd., Brockport, NY 14420 -- (585) 637-2450
Whitetail specialist Bill Yox is offering detailed commercial and competition instruction one on one with intermediate and advanced students, 1 to 5 days and weekends. Tanning options, anatomy, form alterations and finish work are outlined along with the mounting procedure. Hand-raised whitetail deer are used for up close study and reference photos. Winner of Joseph Bruchac Memorial Award, NTA's Taxidermist of the Year, and Second Best in World Whitetail.

Several choices

This response submitted by GB on 11/28/04 at 10:56 PM. ( )

This one may be right up your alley.

Nothing like a little toot toot of the horn huh Gary?

This response submitted by Cecil on 11/28/04 at 11:30 PM. ( )

Sorry couldn't resist! LOL

Cecil, you know what they say...

This response submitted by George on 11/29/04 at 8:03 AM. ( )

..."if you don't toot your own horn occasionally, they may think your battery is dead."

Frank, John Creager just gave you the best advice you'll ever get. Those "schools" seldom give you options or variations, rather "their way". Those of top shelf professionals whose methods have been tested and rewarded and in the long run, it won't ever get any better. I didn't see Bill Yox on there, but he will also give you instructions on whitetails along with live deer study that you'll be hard pressed to match.

Schools are great..

This response submitted by TJ on 11/29/04 at 8:40 AM. ( )

but very expensive..not that one on one training isn't..but you can do it a little bit a time as time itself and money permits..
My spouse went to Northwood School of Taxidermy in Pa..he was happy with it..I got into it (taxidermy) as well and after about a year of practicing, I went and took one on one lessons myself with Paul Czarnecki in Waterford Pa. for birds..He is a great insructor and my birds look alot better now in just the 2 days that I was there, it's unbelievable the difference..
Anyway, In my opinion, I think schools teach pretty much the basics..unless your in a big hurry, you could save yourself alot of money and learn the basics from different avenues..this site for one, books, manuals,--go to your state shows..they have wonderful seminars there..practice for a while..then go for lessons one on one..
That would be my suggestion..
Well, good luck to you..

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