Juliarea, BISHOPS, RMI, Quality Taxidermy Supply,

Submitted by Glen Conley on 11/20/04 at 10:10 PM. ( g.conley@verizon.net )

info@taxidermysupply.ca, GLEN CONLEY

If you have any of the above in your e-mail address book, especially in combination, you might well want to hook up to the FREE virus scan on hidetanning.net.

We keep getting a computer or two cleaned up every time I make a post of this nature.

Whoever has Juliarea in their address book is sending out virus attachments two and three times per day, each time they start their computer up.

I posted on RMI and Quality Taxidermy Supply in combination last time. Whoever has THAT combination, STILL has a virus.

We live in a technical age. Adapt.

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