Submitted by Cur on 11/20/04 at 10:38 PM. ( )

Well, the big contract jobs are in the rear view mirror, and there seems to be time to participate on the forums once again for a while. (Maybe it is in the spirit of Christmas - I dunno.) I promise you there will be no political statements, no gloating over the Bush win, or anything else that has not to do with taxidermy in general. For those nit-pickers who like to cajole or harass, let me remind you that I have a skin that rhinos admire, and an attitude that is impervious to insult. Comments against my character or honor are fine, so long as a name and address are supplied in order that I may take appropriate action against the accuser.

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Am I glad to see you

This response submitted by George on 11/20/04 at 10:44 PM. ( )

About time you got back here.

Oh, and Raven, remember what I said about big fish in small ponds? Your ass is in BIG trouble now. LMAO.

I dunno, cur,

This response submitted by Glen Conley on 11/20/04 at 11:01 PM. ( )

but this may be the wrong time. It has been posted in some of the threads lately that there has been too much technical information being posted of late.

Can you help us out on this thing of effects of crop circles and deer briskets?

Then we also seem to have a problem with shrunken deer nuts and Blue Tongue. Should a man with a blue tongue and shriveled up you know whats be placed in quarantine?

Gee Glen

This response submitted by Cur on 11/21/04 at 12:05 AM. ( whatever )

Blue tongue, or EHD (Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease) is an insect borne disease that infests whitetail deer,normally. It is also an effect caused by Democrat losers who impale their tongues with their incisors following an outstanding Bush victory.

Welcome back!

This response submitted by Dan Hudzik on 11/21/04 at 12:20 AM. ( )

Welcome back Cur! Glad to have ya back, and here we go! Round 1! LOL Dan

This Should Be Fun

This response submitted by Old Fart on 11/21/04 at 12:39 AM. ( )

I, for one, have missed your wisdom and honesty. Idiots, morons and fools, LOOKOUT!

That didnt take long...

This response submitted by Raven on 11/21/04 at 12:41 AM. ( )

Couldnt make it even 3 hours eh Cur? LOL!

"I promise you there will be no political statements, no gloating over the Bush win, or anything else that has not to do with taxidermy in general"

then followed by

"It is also an effect caused by Democrat losers who impale their tongues with their incisors following an outstanding Bush victory."

Ah well - you deserve your shot - you missed out on the four months of it here leading up to the election.

SO - Welcome Back; can you talk about the projects now? When last we spoke you said it was hush hush...

Welcome back Curly_Sue

This response submitted by Kiwi on 11/21/04 at 7:03 AM. ( heknowsit )

good to see EWE !



This response submitted by The Taxidermologist on 11/21/04 at 7:17 AM. ( )

Y'all come back when I'm off to bear hunt followed by deer hunting...

Lots of people read these forums and don't bother answering the posts because they rarely get a second or third opinion on how to do things and it becomes a one way street of information - with little actual appreciation I might add. With you here, at least we can expect a discussion about the various ways to do something.

It is real easy to get burnt out on here - I rarely see many of the names from a year or two years back who had put forth the effort then but have faded back into the background. The political crap REALLY irritated a lot of people - me included. For supposed intellectuals it was like a grade school playground verbal assault - lots of "nah-nah made you look", and "my candidate could beat up your candidate" type discussions. I know Fish pond guy was just trying to make waves, but it was far beneath most of us. Hopefully the lack of drop off of posts will point out that we do not NEED extraneous information to fill these forums.

I hope I will be able to put forth some effort after the major holidays (Bear and Deer season, of course), to challenge many of the supposed educated comments made here. It just takes too much time, but if a good discussion ensues, then it will be worth it.

Welcome back!


This response submitted by gordon on 11/21/04 at 7:32 AM. ( )

It is great to read you again. And Kiwi also.

Welcome back

This response submitted by Paul I on 11/21/04 at 8:47 AM. ( )

Glad to see one of the old bunny hugger bashers back.

Howdy Cur

This response submitted by DaveT on 11/21/04 at 9:48 AM. ( )

Glad to see you back in the forums. Guess now would be a good time to come down since most of the work is done? lol welcome back


Well its that time again

This response submitted by Evelyn on 11/21/04 at 10:14 AM. ( )

when I have to dust of my scientific encyclopedias so I can understand and keep up with Curs answers. I feel like I am back in science class at the college. LOL. Welcome back Cur. It's about time.

Who's the hell is Cur?

This response submitted by Cecil on 11/21/04 at 11:00 AM. ( )


Welcome back!

This response submitted by JL on 11/21/04 at 11:44 AM. ( )

Now you can save on the phone calls and post your words of wisdome JL a bad penny.....

This response submitted by Mark on 11/21/04 at 1:13 PM. ( )

Well it's about time.....

Guess it's time to get some new articles on

You didn't think your RETURN would be easy did you? LOL

(Good to see you back)

Glad to have you back

This response submitted by wildlife-artist on 11/21/04 at 3:18 PM. ( )

Welcom back Professor're a valued asset to this forum!

Wow, Cur, Kiwi, and JL

This response submitted by Croc on 11/21/04 at 8:39 PM. ( )

all three of my buds on one post, must have hit the archives by mistake. good to see all of you again, and since long time no talk to, lost my day job(damn huricane) still trying to learn this thing called taxidermy and pass this damn test, if i fail again come april gotta start all over again, cause my three years will be up for the stuff i passed lol, well hope to talk to you all soon, Croc

Welcome back CUR

This response submitted by Jim Grill on 11/21/04 at 9:05 PM. ( )

Good to hear from ya CUR..Been a while for me too..And hey to my old friends Dave T, kiwi,JL, croc, Mark and piggy...Jim(from Jersey)

Welcome CUR

This response submitted by Barry B on 11/21/04 at 9:13 PM. ( )

Good to see you back Bill...sure have missed your knowledge


This response submitted by Jeff F. on 11/21/04 at 10:06 PM. ( NaturesTrophies,aol )

It's funnny you should return. I was at the "reference" site last week studying your fish head casting techniques(again) and actually took the time to look at your web page. You're an incredible artists , if I may say so without the scrutiny of those who don't know the Forum. It's a pleasure to have you back! Thanks. Peace- Jeff F.


This response submitted by wilson on 11/22/04 at 9:01 AM. ( )

Now that you cought up ,help the rest of us.
Do you smell roses?


This response submitted by Wally on 11/22/04 at 12:11 PM. ( )

Whatcha going to do with all that money ya made? Welcome back...

The collective...

This response submitted by marty on 11/22/04 at 10:12 PM. ( )

...I.Q. on this site has now DOUBLED!

I give you about 3 months before you "get busy" again (lol!)

At least you've come back AFTER all those stupid political posts - that was getting pretty lame...

You're a loved man Cur

This response submitted by Bazie Dulen on 11/24/04 at 7:32 AM. ( )

Good to see you ole buddy,
I think it's "ah fixin" to get fun again.

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