How are Coyotes,Grey Fox ,and Bobcats skinned for rug mounts

Submitted by Matthew on 11/29/04 at 6:27 PM. ( )

How are Coyotes,Grey Fox and Bobcat skinned correctly for rug mounting are they skinned cased or do you slice down their belly then up the sides of the back legs all the way up to the chin and then you skin the head cased I suppose I don't know ? Basically what I mean by case skinning is skinnig for the fur trade by splitting along the sides of the back legs and splitting the back paws and then over too the behind, cutting the tail bone, and then keep skinning and pulling downward all the way to the head. almost always I get the eye and lip memebranes included in the pelt.

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rug shaped

This response submitted by cur on 11/29/04 at 7:17 PM. ( )

Well, as I recall, rugs are flat, and so will be your rug, I imagine. Skin from beneath the tail (we all know what that is called), straight up the belly to the back of the lower jaw (mandible) Skin from the paws up the inside of each leg to the previous cut. Split the tail and skin the head out.

You can slice all the way to the chinney chin chin, but I would recommend not doing that, since you may modify the skin later, after tanning. Turn the ears, eyes lips and shave down the nose cartilage as if you were doing a shoulder mount. You have two options when skinning out the paws, either slice alongside of the pad and open like a flap to access the toes (bears and other mighty critters, or just turn them out, (raccoons, foxes and other critters)clipping the base of the claws from the last pedal digits, and removing all connective tissue.

That, is basically it, unless there is some free form rug shape I do not know about.

I suppose that you could case skin the animal if you chose to for storage purpose after salting and drying, but it is probably best to skin it the way you want it lie after tanning.

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