Someone has a VIRUS!

Submitted by Glen Conley on 11/1/04 at 8:44 AM. ( )

Someone with the following names in COMBINATION in their e-mail account will have a virus:

Glen Conley

John is a taxidermist, and he is in my personal list of addresses, but mossvike is not, but I "think" I have seen mossvike posted here before. A number of us stay in contact on a regular to irregular basis, so we all wind up with each other's addresses on file.

This is a fixable problem. The infected computer can be taken to a shop, and pay someone for their magic, OR you can do it yourself for FREE.

Trend Micro has furnished us with a free online virus scan, with an automatic fix, and Ken Edwards and WASCO has provided a link to where you can access the free scan.

Scroll down to Free Virus Scan, simply click on the link for that page. Click on the free scan, you may have to wait for several minutes for the program to download if you have a slow connection, then just follow some really simple instructions once the program has downloaded. Be sure to click on Auto Clean when that option appears.

While you are there. You might want to click on the VIRUS ALERT and the WEEKLY VIRUS REPORT. Those are both free also, and speaking from personal experience, may well help to keep YOUR computer from becoming another statistic.

Protect YOUR investment, and that of your FRIENDS, and FAMILY. With the price being free, there is simply no excuse not to.

Book mark the page. Anytime your computer is acting "goofy", you might want to consider hooking up.

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