Finley's Tannery

Submitted by Tom on 11/1/04 at 7:58 PM. ( )

Has anyone ever used Finley's tannery in Chatfield, MN (soon to be Wyoming)? I met Jim this fall when I was in Wyoming hunting antelope. He seems to be a super nice guy. I was wondering if anyone has delt with him before. He is in the process of moving his family and Business to Wyoming.

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Yes I have

This response submitted by jeff morris on 11/1/04 at 11:06 PM. ( )

I have used Jim in the past Jim is a good guy and knows his stuff I have no complaints cya ,Jeff

Great Job!

This response submitted by Bruce Norton on 11/3/04 at 10:09 AM. ( )

Jim is just down the road from me and he does a great job with everything I have sent him. I am sorry to see him relocate. It was real handy to just drive your hides to and from the tannery.

Bruce Norton

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