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Submitted by Mike on 11/1/04 at 9:43 PM. ( )

How many deer so far?

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This response submitted by Mjvaden on 11/1/04 at 10:20 PM. ( )

But we only do about 55 per year. On the flip side 9 african safaries at the airport right now.


This response submitted by Kim Collins on 11/1/04 at 10:33 PM. ( )

so far season seems to be going well.Bucks are running does hard already.
Kim Collins
Bubba's Taxidermy

23 and counting

This response submitted by Jeanette Hall on 11/2/04 at 1:57 AM. ( )

I think the season would be better if the Nevada weather wasn't so snowy. They're moving, just not infront of many rifles. Bull elk opens next weekend, so that should help. OH! I have ONE African safari sitting in customs.

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