My Prediction Election 2004

Submitted by Jeff "458okie" W. on 11/1/04 at 10:59 PM. ( )

A Bush Landslide!

Bush will win at least 46 or 47 states. Kerry may get lucky and win 3 or 4, although the desire of my heart is he will have a resounding loss and win none. My prayer is for a landslide!

If I'm right in my prognostication, I'll feel like a real hero (before I poop my pants)...but that is my prediction, and I hope it is correct.

My wife and I are contributing the bean dip and chips to the watch party tommorrow night! Nothin' like a room full of gassy Republicans.

Sleep well and vote early!

-Jeff W.

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If Bush wins you had better celebrate

This response submitted by Jim Burnside on 11/2/04 at 9:00 AM. ( )

I don't intend to try and bust your bubble Jeff , but if Bush wins you had best celebrate now because by 2008 the way the future looks 4 more years of a Bush term could bring a depresion to our Country , you can be sure of one thing we will still be fighting in Iraq by 2008 . Bush got into a mess there and there is no easy way out . He has done a great job of convincing the American people that it is a war on terror , which is a joke , intelligent people realize that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11 . I don't mean to sound like gloom and doom , but that is just the way it is .... Have a good day .... Jim Burnside

I'm with Jeff

This response submitted by Rowdy on 11/2/04 at 12:23 PM. ( )

as for Jim..... depression? Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9-11? where do you think these terrorist live Arkansas?

What are you talking about Jim.

This response submitted by Todd B on 11/2/04 at 12:44 PM. ( )

A depression? The economy started to suck While Clinton was still president. Bush did not get us into any mess we did not need to be in. Iraq shoud have been dealt with the first time we were there. Clinton should have done something about Iraq when they did not comply with the UN sanctions placed by Bush Sr. But he did nothing. He is the one who was offered Bin Ladens head on a platter and did nothing. So who is to blame for 9/11. nobody!(but the terrorist) but Clinton moreso than Bush. So get over the blame President Bush for everything syndrome. Vote for Whoever you want but Kerry will not save the world like you think he will. AND "THAT IS JUST THE WAY IT IS"

Todd B

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