Information Re: Taxidermist Court Case

Submitted by Miranda on 11/2/04 at 2:44 PM. ( )

I have heard that there was a case regarding a taxidermist that was taken to court over a 50% deposit. Apparently it went all the way to the Supreme Court? The client won. I am currently doing some research on this topic. Does anyone know anything about this? I have heard from some friends of mine who are taxidermists that there was something regarding this posted on this site, but I have been looking for two days staight, and haven't found anything. Please if anyone has any information HELP ME!

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Miranda, are your "friends" on drugs?

This response submitted by George on 11/2/04 at 2:57 PM. ( )

Only two cases that I'm familiar with ever went up the chain of litigation and NEITHER of them had ANYTHING to do with deposits. One was for pirating of copyrighted forms and the other was on raptors. Of all the practicing taxidermists I know, none of them make the kind of money such a case would take. After a few thousand bucks on a lawyer, don't you think it's pretty inconceivable to fight anyone for a deposit fee? Unless it was a museum looking for default money on a huge project, most cases like this would be stopped at the civil level with "claims court" while I can't see it going much higher under "torts" if it reached that level.

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