Challenging Ohios' vote count?

Submitted by Michelle B on 11/3/04 at 6:26 AM. ( )

Pres. Bush won Ohio by, like 150,000 votes. What's to challenge?

Good Job everyone! Congrats Pres. Bush! Thank You God!

Sorry to say Kerry won my state of PA. though.

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I hear ya Michelle, he took NH also

This response submitted by wetnwild on 11/3/04 at 7:15 AM. ( )

Thats what happens when liberal massachusetts people start moving up here LOL

Mine Too!

This response submitted by M.T. on 11/3/04 at 7:16 AM. ( )

Kerry took Michigan too, but at least the FAGS dont get thier way. What a Nailbiter though. I'm sure Bush will end up in the whitehouse but the democrats will do anything in thier power to drag it out as long as they can.

It ain't over yet kiddies

This response submitted by Cecil on 11/3/04 at 7:50 AM. ( )

Please get your hopes up. It will be fun to watch if you take a fall. LOL

Get real Cecil,

This response submitted by Todd B on 11/3/04 at 8:39 AM. ( )

When Kerry's team gets to Ohio for a count of all the Ballots they are crying about. Every single one has to be for Kerry or he does not have a chance. And the odds of all being for him are very slim. And abou tyou posting earlier saying none of the networks have given Ohio to Bush. That is incorrect. They were giving it to him early this morning at around 12:30 am.

Todd B

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