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Submitted by Kim Owens on 11/3/04 at 9:18 AM. ( )

From NBC this morning- "Where do you think the Kerry Campaign went wrong?"

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Ha Ha

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 11/3/04 at 9:28 AM. ( )

A LOT of ways.

Wacko Celebs - Will the Dems finally learn that celebs HURT you....not HELP. It raises a RED FLAG in my eye when kooks are campaigning for you.

Gay Marriage - was a BIG one here. In fact we just passed a Const. Amend. banning it here.

He never had a ALL. All he said was BUSH sucks and I can do better.

HIS WIFE - killed him with her big mouth that showed her stupidity and contempt for the common man. Her insults towards Mrs. BUSH and her ultra liberal financial donations.

NAM - Sure Kerry may have been a good soldier...BUT coming back and protesting with the hippies hurt him. It cost him DEARLY in the military vote. "I have many medals.......the rest of the soldiers were murderers and rapists". What a scumbag.

Tax Cuts for the Rich - I don't remember him declining his share.

many more...too many to list.

On the day Kerry signed up to run!

This response submitted by Miss Cleo on 11/3/04 at 9:40 AM. ( )

IF this guy is the BEST that the Dem's .... have woe is be, they be hurting! Then again maybe ole Kerry will want to run again in 4 and can sling some mud on Hillary...hahah naw!

Jim your thinking mirrors mine

This response submitted by Jack on 11/3/04 at 10:11 AM. ( )

as far as the votes he lost from veterans, past and current. According to the way things are going, that vote alone would have put him into the whitehouse unchallenged. Thing is,most veterans will NEVER forgive him for what he did, and he should be grateful he is living in the USA rather than a place like Iraq. In some countries he would have been executed for his treason. All that plus think of his personal agenda, do you think his wife is going to move some of their companies back to the US and lose millions out of their pockets? A lot of people looked at Kerry and didn't like what they saw, and that is the bottom line.

Didn't take a stand

This response submitted by JEM on 11/3/04 at 10:22 AM. ( )

No public official is gonna please everyone. Dubba has and does things that I totally disagree with BUT he says what he is doing (to the extent that he can as President). Personally I don't trust Kerry - I don't think he has any courage. He never told me anything that I felt he backed up. And the flip flop thing was pretty accurate - I truly expected him to change his position on everything. It's called integratity and a lack of it.

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