Final Words to Kerry......................

Submitted by Voted For W on 11/3/04 at 5:52 PM. ( )

.....BUBYE !

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This response submitted by dusty on 11/3/04 at 5:57 PM. ( )

Incase your wondering what is, its MIKE MOORE's Email Adress! I am about to send him a THANK YOU for rallying more people than ever before in the history of the U.S. to get out and VOTE MORAL VALUES, and not that propaganda.

Won't you join me?


This response submitted by Ken Edwards on 11/3/04 at 6:03 PM. ( )

I was thinking the exact same thing today. I bet Michael Moore's involvement in this campaign did way more to hurt Kerry than to help him.

But . . . but . . . but . . . .

This response submitted by b bishop/ Republican on 11/3/04 at 6:13 PM. ( )

they even put him in the Presidential box during the convention ! LMAO !

Moral values?

This response submitted by What? on 11/3/04 at 7:34 PM. ( )

Isn't murder, war, lies and deceit immoral? Just wondering what values you're talking about.

Hey TonyH, Yes it is immoral.

This response submitted by ... on 11/3/04 at 7:42 PM. ( )

That is why you Man kerry is going home defeated! ! ! !

War is not immoral.

This response submitted by John C on 11/3/04 at 8:55 PM. ( Proudly VOTED FOR MR. BUSH )

War is even forgiven in the King James Bible.
Typically Democrates win the few New England states.
Kerry's people did their best to scare the younth on the west coast with the Draft Board rumor.

So you take the west coast kids and "Look Dude, Surfs up"

I would have loved to have a camera in Barbara Streisends (Big Nose Witch) house!

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