People we need to thank!

Submitted by Charles Gossett on 11/3/04 at 7:47 PM. ( )

There are a few people and organizations that really need to be thanked for helping the Republicans gain seats in the House, Senate and reelect G.W.
First and foremost Michael Moore. Never before has there been a better (Or bigger) poster child for the left-wing fanatical hate America first crowd.
Oh all the posts on here on how his movie would change so many minds and in some ways it did in showing just how nuts the hard left or 37% of the Dem Party is..

George Soros:
The biggest donor to the Dem party, and most probable the biggest nut case going. Just have Moore and Soros speaking once a week helped to generate thousands of votes for the Republicans.

Bill Clinton:

Nothing reminds America of when Terrorism was just a nuisance than Bill Clinton, of course that little Nuisance bombed the trade centers in NY , Kabul Towers, US embassy's in S.A., and the USS Cole, it also reminds everyone that that other little nuisance on 9/11 was planned in 1995/96/97..

How about the NAACP, Move on .org, The Media fund, Afl-cio and the rest of the Leftwing hate groups. They did a great job of registering crackheads, drunks and those of limited intelligence. Only problem was they forgot to mention that after registering they also needed to actually vote.

Now I don't expect the left to learn anything from this because they haven't seemed to learn anything from the last two elections but if there is anyone left of center that would like to know what is going on they might want to pick up a history book.
The republicans have not held a 55 majority in the Senate since the 1920's. Louisiana hadn't elected a Republican in over 100yrs, Now ever Southern Sate has two Republican senators, No Democrat other than J.F.K has ever won while not being from the South and holding some resemblance of Southern/Midwestern values.
In 1960 65% of the us were Democrats while 28% were Republicans. 1970 and the birth of (Radical)Liberalism started the decline, by 1980 it was 55% Dems to 33% Republicans today its 38% Dem to 35% Republican. Liberalism lost the Democrats popularity and power and your just seeing the beginning.
Last but not least for those that don't think G.W. has a mandate, remember these famous words," 1 vote equals a mandate." J.F.K.
Now I am in no way rubbing it in because in my opinion if this country isn't united we all lose but Democrats need to wake up, this is a changed America and when your cohorts run a campaign based on hate, calling everyone a racist, dividing the country with this us and them mentality , fellow party members spending more time trashing the US than trashing the terrorist , and making a mockery of our soverngty while hiding behind the "I'm a patriot" logo you do noting but aliante yourself from the majority of mainstream America.
Now if the DNC sends Hilary Clinton to the slaughter in 2008 it will show they have learned nothing and the next Dem President will make history as being the first in 50yrs..
Charles Gossett

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Kerry Could Still Win

This response submitted by John Mallien on 11/3/04 at 8:22 PM. ( )

when Michael Moore wears yellow spandex, accepts a position in Bush's cabinet, and announces his engagement to Jenna Bush.


This response submitted by Michael Rowley on 11/3/04 at 8:36 PM. ( )

John, I hope Ken comes in and deletes your post. Otherwise, people are gonna be puking in their keyboards.....LOL!

Guess I disagree

This response submitted by TonyH on 11/3/04 at 8:56 PM. ( )

That mainstream America believes in waging a war for own personal financial gain, believes in shipping jobs overseas and providing tax breaks for doing so or spending billions and billions and billions. But, hey, maybe I'm not mainstream.

Tony, if you have to wonder, you're probably not

This response submitted by George on 11/4/04 at 12:10 AM. ( )

But I don't find ALL your ideas as radical as some of the zealots Charles has described. The Democratic party is a living lie. They TALK about jobs going overseas from the "rich", but most Democrats ARE rich and they buy all their "imported wines, clothes, and cars" that sends money "overseas". Democrats should really wake up and see that a foreign national actually tried and almost succeeded in BUYING the President of the United States. Doesn't that concern you? People who PLAY people almost pushed the Hollywood mantra down our throats. Doesn't it concern you that a actor, making millions of dollars for a few hours work actually is often called before Democratic committees to TESTIFY. Testify about WHAT. "Oh, I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV"? Conservatives need to use this election as a wake up call. We didn't DEFEAT liberalism/socialism. We just won a battle, but the war is just starting. Each and every year on from now, we'll have to rewin that same battle. Each year, unless America comes under attack and even the bleeding hearts understand Freedom has a price, we will have a new generation of kids who've been contaminated by liberal/socialist academia entering the voting booths of America. Unless we counter that, eventually they will win and the true American dream will be lost forever to the welfare state socialism advocates. The post above, "Musings ....", tells this same sad story.


This response submitted by wetnwild on 11/4/04 at 5:09 AM. ( )

Sounds like your looking for a high buliding to jump off of! Easy man, youll survive believe me LOL

But George

This response submitted by TonyH on 11/4/04 at 6:57 PM. ( )

A foreign national HAS bought a President. George W. Bush belongs to the Saudis. He has for years. That's why we're in Iraq. That's why our first order of business was to guard the oil reserves and build a pipeline. That's why Bin Laden hasn't been captured and why his family was allowed to leave.

No tall buildings needed yet. Just wondering what happened to the inteligence of America is all.

Tony, Tony Tony

This response submitted by Charles Gossett on 11/5/04 at 12:35 AM. ( )

Funny how if we would have elected a Liberal coward willing to sell our security to the highest bidder we would have been smart yet because we re-elect a man with balls we are stupid..Man you should check your statments at because everything you stated is listed as false on there..Everything.
Charles Gossett

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