For those of you interested in this kinda stuff...

Submitted by Bill Yox on 11/4/04 at 12:21 PM. ( )

You should check out the vote tally on a map of the country, not as the electoral college count, but as county by county. You can find it by going to and following the prompts. One interesting note, Bush won 3.28 MILLION square miles to kerry's 741 thousand square miles...yet the population number, based on 2003 population count, was Bush 150.9 million to kerry 103.6 million. Yeah yeah, the ground doesnt vote, the people do. But, so much for it being a "smart people vs rednecks" vote. Inner sities vs the rest of the country might seem more fair. Check out the map, its easy to find if you click on "latest vote, county by county". Its the RED map, lol.

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This response submitted by not a hillbilly on 11/4/04 at 12:49 PM. ( )

What I was noticing on the national map was that Kerry took Civilized america and the red states were all places where it is socially accepted to have sex with your sister, or places where cows outnumber people. Just my observation.

Not a hillbilly but still a dumbass

This response submitted by John C on 11/4/04 at 1:21 PM. ( )

Nuff said.

Look where Kerry's votes were from.

This response submitted by John C on 11/4/04 at 1:29 PM. ( )

afer looking through my state and the south. Kerry carried the areas where the blacks out number the whites.

Even in counties where there are a lot of Mexicains Bush carried those!

Looking at the map you can easily see not the best areas in the eastern US were Kerry's

SO I guess not a hillbilly, this says something about you.

Yep, in civilized America...

This response submitted by Craig on 11/4/04 at 2:45 PM. ( )

the President can have sex with his intern and legally get away with it.

Big cities always asking for big government handouts. That's socialist America at its finest. Democratic Party = Socialism (Robin Hood Theory). What really makes me wonder is why Hollywood is at the forefront of this party lately.

No one needs handguns but Sean Penn has two loaded pistols stolen from his car.

Even Barbara Boxer has a pistol permit, which is ok, as long as no one else has one.

Dear Not a Hillbilly

This response submitted by ChipD. on 11/4/04 at 3:44 PM. ( )

We people in the red states are sorry that you feel that way.
Especially for the fact that your mother and father were not married.
And the fact that you would rather marry your own sex. But I guess in your case thats OK because of your reproductive count being so low you are not able to produce children or should I say children with an IQ
above plant life.But in the event that you would produce a malnormal fetus you would just go and have a partial birth abortion. Your deep seeded inner feelings of childhood guilt for all those times you have self gratified yourself in your locked bedroom flipping through the lastest publication of the Sear's and Roebuck's child's underwear section should be treated by a Qualified Clinical Psychologist.

Thank You for your time.

Go CHip!

This response submitted by JOhn C on 11/4/04 at 4:01 PM. ( )

Yep exactly

Check out county by county...

This response submitted by Paul on 11/4/04 at 4:04 PM. ( )

If you took out one county in every state Kerry won, except N.Y. and Ca. they need two, the President wins the whole country. Kind of like we need some big fences around some counties(lol)

My Pleasure JOhn C.

This response submitted by ChipD. on 11/4/04 at 4:42 PM. ( )

My pleasure JOhn. It's been awhile since I was on here, been busy
with work and shop stuff and getting the nursery ready for the new addition comming in March. So I decided to pop on here and see what was going on and would'nt you know it a Loud mouth insulting know-it-all
has to raise it's ugly head and all of a sudden I felt insulted so in the interest of all of us RED STATE folks I had to retaliate.


My Name is ChipD. and I approved this Message!

That's right

This response submitted by TonyH on 11/4/04 at 6:51 PM. ( )

In a civilized society, we'll impeach a President for sex, reelect him for lying and war crimes. Great system.

We Impeach.........

This response submitted by Old Fart on 11/5/04 at 10:03 AM. ( )

.....A President for lying to a Grand Jury while under oath, that is a FELONY. If you are ever called before a Grand Jury, please feel free to lie, like your hero did, and see where you end up. I would hope that your cell mate finds you "attractive".

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