Submitted by Tom on 11/4/04 at 12:37 PM. ( )

Man are the bucks on the move. I think this years rut is gonna be awesome. I have hunted the past few days and have seen a bunch of bucks just none I have wanted to shoot yet. They are really looking for the does. Two nice bucks have been hit on the road right down from the house, what a bummer when they get whacked by a car instead of by a hunter. I did get a nice cape from one of them though. Good Luck to everyone who is hunting.I believe the next week will be amazing.

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where are you?

This response submitted by tlc on 11/4/04 at 3:09 PM. ( )

Hey Tom...just curious...where are you hunting at?


This response submitted by Joe SC on 11/4/04 at 7:00 PM. ( )

What state are you in ? I'm in South Carolina and the smaller bucks necks are swelled but the larger bucks that I have seen as of a week ago hasen't swollen Go figure!(I've only seen three Big bucks)

2nd Week of Rut

This response submitted by T Kemmerlin on 11/4/04 at 8:13 PM. ( )

This has been the 2nd week of heavy activity here in the lowcountry of the great state of SC. They were heating up about 3 weeks ago, but boy they are hot at it now! Boy called me this morning, he was running a cotton picker and jumped a big 8 pointer, and 5 minutes later spotted a nice 10 pointer with his nose glued to the ground! You go boys!

Northwest Ohio

This response submitted by Tom on 11/4/04 at 8:42 PM. ( )

Iam from NW ohio on the Indiana, Michigan borders. I hunted tonight and seen a nice 21/2 year old buck he was looking for some company. It was cold,windy and rainy not a real pleasant day to hunt.

my bucks

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 11/4/04 at 10:55 PM. ( )

My penned bucks just stopped eating this week, and began pacing as well as some chasing and herding. I say another couple weeks till breeding. Im in NY state.

Here in Northern Wyoming

This response submitted by jim marsico on 11/5/04 at 12:45 PM. ( )

I shot a really nice muley above timber line at yesterday 9000 ft. here in Wyoming. I had to pack it out on my back in two trips and I was loving every minute of it. My buck was alone and did not have a swelled neck yet but I have had several nice muley bucks come into the shop with really big necks this past week. So its just started here. The season closes the 15th.

I whacked a good one

This response submitted by Tom on 11/5/04 at 1:10 PM. ( )

It finally came together this morning! I shot a nice 13 point. He was chasing a doe and gave me a 10 yard shot. He field dressed 195 lbs. I estimate his age at 31/2 I haven't checked yet to be sure. I killed him at 9:00 this morning. His neck is huge. He was grunting up a storm when he ran her by me.

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