it's always the same smart ass punks

Submitted by JOhn C on 11/5/04 at 11:36 AM. ( )

This response submitted by Laurier on 11/5/04 at 9:21 AM. ( )

Use the Search button, everything you bitch about it there.
Address eve, I know the phone numbers are there too!

Since you point fingers at the ones who have already posted the answer 100 times.

Who is the smart assed punks?

Ithe the whinning bitching, tenderfoot wanta be a taxidermist, like you.

The answer is in the archive, 99% of the answers are there, you are just to damn lazy to look it up.

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This response submitted by Jeff F. on 11/5/04 at 2:20 PM. ( NaturesTrophies,aol )

If you don't want to answer than DON'T. YOU seem to be doing a lot of pissing and moaning today yourself. Take a break for a minute and relax. They'll eventually learn how to utilize the archives to their fullest potential and get a BIG wake-up call. Peace- Jeff F.

They're probably

This response submitted by Tired of you on 11/5/04 at 3:06 PM. ( )

from one of those low-life blue states like Wisconsin, where everyone is too lazy, you pathetic, stupid a$$hole.

I will help, but.

This response submitted by John C on 11/5/04 at 7:31 PM. ( )

Same question ask within hours of each other. THey cannot be than dumb, can they?

I will show them how many hit and the term to use from now on. But there is not any reason to retype an answer thats covered three to twenty times.

ANd the smart ass punk was CUT AND PASTE from one of the newbies post.

He knows who he is.

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