Serious question

Submitted by Jordan on 11/6/04 at 1:15 PM. ( )

Why the heck are all the yank states so liberal?Why have

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freaking computer!!!

This response submitted by Jordan on 11/6/04 at 1:17 PM. ( )

I never met somebody from a yank state that I got along with?Are they being brainwashed?Or have they been brainwashed since the Yankee Invasion?

Maybe it's you

This response submitted by Junipera on 11/6/04 at 1:40 PM. ( )

and you have been brainwashed. Ever consider that?


This response submitted by jordan on 11/6/04 at 1:51 PM. ( )

You prove my point.I'll never get along with you!


This response submitted by .. on 11/6/04 at 2:20 PM. ( )

That is the most idiotic statement I have ever heard. I am pretty sure the civil war as over a long time ago. You obviously don't get out much. I have met people all over this country and to judge people on where they come from is ridiculous. Do you still feel bad about the south losing the war? What else could it be? My guess is you probably have not traveled outside your state. What state is that by the way?


This response submitted by Coyote on 11/6/04 at 2:29 PM. ( )

With all the crap going on in the world, why the hell would come on here and and start this prejudice BULLSH.T. Did you ever think it was you that can't get along with certain people. Be it race, religion, or polictcal status, or where they're from. I was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and lived in Michigan all my life. Except for the time I spent in the service. The whole time I spent in the service except for my over seas duty was in the south. Texas, Arkansas, North Carolina. And have aquired a lot of friends all over the south. They all have treated me like I was family. And they get treated the same when they come up north to Michigan. So don't come on here and say you can't get along with yankees. If you really can't get along with us. Go and get medical attention NOW! Because your brain needs a lot of work.


Never met a Yankee I don't like

This response submitted by Evelyn on 11/6/04 at 2:44 PM. ( )

and I have lots of personal friends up north to prove it. Just about all my so called "Yankee" friends are republicans. I am by the way from Texas and a liberal as you would say. We still all get along just fine. Politics isn't everything. There are a lot more important things in live that matter lot more then what your political agenda is or where you live or come from.


This response submitted by Jordan on 11/6/04 at 5:11 PM. ( )

What I asked was"why are all the yank states so liberal?"I didnt say all northerners were liberal...that would be discrimination as coyote said.I dont hate northerners.I was just wondering why most were liberal.Dont tell me the north isnt liberal.The blue states are all northern states,except for the ones west.I even have two yanks I can think of in my family.But.....theyre liberal and they dont get along with my republican family.And my best friend is from michigan,I was talking about the real yank states,which is the north east.The thing that bothers me is why the north easterners are predominately so liberal!By the way "..",I live in Virginia and have been as far north as southern pennysylvania,and as far south as south carolina.Ive also been to Arizona.Its just a fact for me....I dont get along with Yankees......liberal yankees anyway.My favorite tv show guy is Archie Bunker,and he's a northerner...but he's no liberal!Evelyn, my mom has one friend from new hampshire,that married the son of the Gun owners of America president.She doesnt claim to be liberal...but how my mom tolerates some of her garbage,I'll never know.To me a Yank is a liberal from the north.So If you from massachusetts and your a republican,Im not talking about you.But Ive never known a republican from massachusetts......then again.....Ive never known somebody from massachusetts.My question is,why is the north east so liberal?Let me guess,Im a bigot now because I like Archie Bunker right?


This response submitted by oops on 11/6/04 at 5:17 PM. ( )

hes not the president like I said.

We're A Blue State.......

This response submitted by Old Fart on 11/6/04 at 5:45 PM. ( )

......But when you break it down county by county, we are a mostly RED state. We just can't match the liberal population in Minneapolis-St Paul. Throw in Duluth and the Iron Range(Union) and the counties that are mostly Native American Reservation and the state is Blue. Then look at the fact that 66 of our 87 counties voted for Bush.

Nation wide, the closer you are to seeing tall buildings everyday, the more likely you will be voting for the liberal candidate. It really has nothing to do with being a Yankee.


This response submitted by Wally on 11/6/04 at 6:28 PM. ( )

Geeeeeze shucks shaw I think you've left the litter box to long next to the furnace!

Old Fart is from a Yankee state and a heck of a nice Guy!

This response submitted by John C on 11/6/04 at 6:40 PM. ( )

Richard Christiforo (Sorry about the sp), Wet and Wild, Yox, geezzz even old Ken Walker if from up really far North, Elmer, sorry for missing a bunch of ya.

Seriously there are some really nice people doing taxidermy and even from the South I have dealt with some rearends.

You really need to go to the next World Show and see.


This response submitted by gordon on 11/6/04 at 7:34 PM. ( )

It is simply because of the degree of sophistication varies. At least that is what my southern friends state. And Yote if you what to give someone a hard time for being prejudice, try George he's got the market cornered.LOL. Seriously though, alot of politic is culture. And like some one mentioned about city lights, urban culture is not rural culture.


This response submitted by Mr. T on 11/6/04 at 7:42 PM. ( )

Our state is always Democratic due to 4 or 5 heavily populated counties in the Detroit area, out of about 84 counties in the state, the rest of the counties sway Republican, Jordan, this is why most states show up only on TV that way as liberal, Is that what you are using for you're facts to judge the Yanks by. TV?


This response submitted by Jordan on 11/6/04 at 9:36 PM. ( )

Look here,if a state has lots of republicans ,but more democrats,It is still a democratic state.I dont understand your argument.It doesnt matter if there was a state the size of china with republicans everywhere in the rural areas,but one huge city with a population greater than the rural areas.If the people in that city were liberals,that state is considered a liberal state.And come on!go tell someone that the north is conservative except for a few cities,and they will laugh at you.The truth is,the north east is mostly liberal.It's fact!Plus,the north east is mostly cities and urban areas.Who do you think your kidding?And I ve already stated this but I'll state it again for you people that love to pretend to be the victims of "discrimination"........I dont hate northerners.........I dont get along with liberals......I dont get along with most northerners.You do the math.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 11/6/04 at 9:36 PM. ( )

You need to be a tad bit more accurate. I posted a week ago for folks to check out the map showing the voting for the country. Not the electoral breakdown, but the county by county for the country. Its alot of red. The only blue is the select BIG cities. THATS your answer. Us "Yankees" arent liberals either.


This response submitted by Steve on 11/6/04 at 10:13 PM. ( )

Did you ever notice that most cities have a very mixed population? They have people of all races, religions and preferences. The people in the cities have a much greater chance of knowing people of different colors, beliefs and interests. When you live in a city, you understand that you are living in a mini model of the world. You realize that its not just you and your family, but a lot of people who are different than you. You come to understand that just because someone is different than you,that they arent a threat to you, or your family, or you marriage or your way of life. When you live in some tiny town and you see the same dozen people that you have known your entire life every day, you dont have the same perspective as a city dweler. Now , do you think its some sort of coincidence that people who live in cities tend to be more liberal than rural folks?

Never considered myself to be in any group

This response submitted by Paul I on 11/6/04 at 11:06 PM. ( )

Jordan I live in Montgomery NY and voted for President Bush as did most in the county.Now what makes a person a Yank? LOL

Bluebellied Yankee vs Northerner

This response submitted by Jordan on 11/6/04 at 11:31 PM. ( )

Ok,time for the second culteral breakdown for me tonight.As far as I'm concerned,a liberal northerner is a Yank.A republican northerner is simply a northerner.And steve,I dont give a flying rats @$$ what other people believe in.Let me clarify that,I do care what other people believe in ,as peoples votes effect the moral standards of our country ,but,It will never effect what I believe in or deem as exceptable.Being liberal and excepting peoples beliefs but not agreeing with them are not the same thing.Just out of curiosity Steve,do you oppose abortion?,oppose gay marriage?,or oppose firearm ownership?If you said no,then why are you a lib anyway,What as far as morals do you not agree with that the conservatives do?This is not a question I ask for my health,I really want to know what convictions makes you a democrat.

Thanks Jordan

This response submitted by Paul I on 11/6/04 at 11:45 PM. ( )

Thanks for the answer Jordan.I like your veiws better then most simple and easy to understand where your coming from.You would be suprised how many good old boys there are in the small towns around here.The further upstate and the more woods the less liberals.


This response submitted by Steve on 11/7/04 at 11:10 AM. ( )

Jordan. I was a little confused about your last post. What exactly do you mean? You seem to be saying two different things. You dont care what people believe in, but then you say you do care. As for excepting others beliefs , but not agreeing with them, why cant you do both? I dont mind if some people believe in an invisable man in the sky who is always watching them, and wants people to like him. I dont care if 2 guys want to make out and have sex. It doesnt affect me. I dont want to be in your church, nor do I want to be around when those guys are doing their stuff. Who am I , or you, or anyone else to say that people cant live their lives ,as they see fit? Your belief in god is not going to make me beleive in god, just as some gay guys getting married are not going to affect my marriage or my life. As for your question, I support a woamn's right to have an abortion, I support gay marriage, or at least civil unions, and for the shocker, I fully support the right to own firearms. Actually I own many of them myself, including some "evil black" rifles. Im actually in the middle of building my very own AK47 varient rifle. So , I am not immoral, nor are the rest of the Democrats. We have morals just as strong as you. I just dont feel the need to impose mine on you. Im still disgusted that in the exit polls, many people said the most important issue was morals. There are so many other issues that are so much more important ,and will have a incredibly greater impact on your life, such as the ecomony, the environment, and everyone's favorite , Iraq.

It dont surprise me

This response submitted by Jordan on 11/7/04 at 12:02 PM. ( )

That is why I clarified my post.Try reading it again.And john,your dead wrong!You say what people do doesnt effect you.Guess what?It does effect you because those are the people that have marches and spend their lifetime leagalizing homo marriage.And you say it wont effect your marriage or your life.Maybe not you,but when your kids best friend at school has two dads,and you say thats OK with you...........get ready for your son dating boys!Rethink what your saying.No man is an Island,like my dad always says.The actions of one group of people ,effect everyone in one way or another.I was not trying to say you were immoral by the way,as self righteos people get under my skin,but what the democrat liberals stand for is a
'freestyle" type of life.If it feels good ,do it.Since people all have different surcumstances,anything you do is Ok for you.That philosophy has destroyed countless people and cultures.There IS a standard in morals.And you say the democrats have morals just like the right.What morals?Supporting gay marriage is a moral thing to do?And dont tell me you dont support gay marriage.There is no nuetral stance.You are for it ,or against it.PERIOD.And this is the final Irony!Your group is sending BAGS of cash to groups trying to out law guns.Particularly,the very one your building!John,you cant be on both sides.You have to pick ONE.

What am I talking about?

This response submitted by Jordan on 11/7/04 at 12:14 PM. ( )

I meant to say Steve instead of John.I must have thought I was talking to John Kerry.Sounds an awfull lot like him dont it?


This response submitted by Steve on 11/7/04 at 10:21 PM. ( )

I actually knew you meant me and not John. As for the gay marriage thing, Im fine with it. Do you really think that just because someone out there is gay, that somehow you might turn gay, or your kids? Will it really affect your marriage? Ive been with my wife for over 17 years now, and I have gay friends. Guess what, Im still straight as an arrow and I still love my wife. Ive never had even the slightest inkling to be gay, just because my friend is. Its like saying that if you have black friends or chinese friends you too might become black or chinese. Its nonsense. It doesnt work that way. You arent going to be invited to the gay wedding,and Im positive you wont have to send a gift either. Right now, there are gay people out there in the world that are married, ....has it affected you? Has it made you not love women? Has it made kids gay? And also, they think that homosexuality is genetic,and not learned behavior. It turns out that there are documented accounts of homosexuality in many animal species. Do you think some gay person, or animals went out and converted them? This is the same arguement that they used to make about interracial marriage. Do you really care if a black person marries a white person? Does that affect your life? Does that make you want to date someone who isnt the same race as you? Dis that ruin marriage for the rest of us? Is your marriage meaningless and not worth continueing because of it? Do you see where this is going? In the big scheme of things, this is nothing.

Steve........I wish you were right,but.......

This response submitted by Jordan on 11/8/04 at 6:17 AM. ( )

My scenerio,with the kid becoming gay,was not a fiction story I came up with.That really happened.


This response submitted by Steve on 11/8/04 at 4:52 PM. ( )

Thats where you step in as a parent, and act like a parent. Kids get all sorts of crazy ideas. Just recently a friends 6 and 4 year old thought it would be a good idea to try and kill his parrot, and hit it with a golf club. Thats when my buddy stepped in and administered some parental guidance. After they stopped crying from the spanking, he explained that it was wrong to do, why it was wrong ,and they better not try anything like that ever again. You brought your kids into this world, its your responsibility to teach and train them to be normal productive and healthy members of society. Im sure the kid you are talking about doesnt really understand dating or relationships or any of that stuff. My 5 year old nephew said he wants to marry his mom. Do you really think he knows what thet really means? (I live in the north by the way :-) ) And its also a possibility that the kid may actually be gay. Ive heard that many gay people knew they were gay since they were a child. The best thing would be to give the child some guidance and explain what you think is right and wrong, and handle it like that.

I wish it worked that way

This response submitted by Jordan on 11/8/04 at 8:05 PM. ( )

Im not talking about a 5 year old that talks like a .......................5 year old.When kids get the idea that there parents accept something or think its OK,they will questions asked.A kid isnt usually going to want to talk to their parents about something like they go to their loser friends.If they think its OK,they wont even think about talking to their parents.I have a good relationship with my parents and I'll still talk to them about anything.Your method is fine...........except,you may not ever get the chance to talk to them before its too late.That is why most kids come up to their parent when their 17 and tell them they are gay.Do you think the parent ever knew that?I ve seen this a lot and Ive also seen A LOT of kids and parents.My mom did childcare from when I was born to when I was 13 years old,so that she could stay home with me and my brother ans sister.Im not saying your kids are going to be gay,but I have seen what I described many times.


This response submitted by TonyH on 11/8/04 at 9:15 PM. ( )

The small-minded, pee-brained garbage that gives Republicans their "hill-billy" image. If you allow gays to live openly, then our kids will all become gay? What stupidity. It's bigotry and small-mindedness like that that made Hitler believe the Jews really should be incinerated. There is very, very, very little difference between guys like Saddam Hussein, Hitler and extreme right-wingers. Just a total lack of acceptance of others. It's funny that those exit polls cited "moral values" as a deciding factor. Funny, I always thought acceptance and humility WAS a moral value.

But I've come to realize "moral values" has a different meaning. It means this: Moral values means you are a devout Christian with zero tolerance for any other religion, believe gays should be killed and refuse to allow any other American the same freedoms you enjoy. That's your definition of "moral values."


This response submitted by Jordan on 11/8/04 at 10:03 PM. ( )

Bigotry?Here we go again!Your comparing me to saddam hussein?Let me tell you tony,you have more in common with both demoralize and destroy the real america.We are going down the tube!Go watch a cartoon show on any channel.You will almost always find a boy that dresses in girls clothes and has dolls and a girl that beats up people.You think that is nothing to worry about?You are peebrained one.Why cant people see what is going on?Do you think hitler came right out by saying the jews were trash and they all needed to be torched and destroyed?NO!he did it gradually.A little bit.....a little some more of this.....some more of that......get used to it for a few years and accept it as "OK",and you have the nazi movement.Very few of those people hated the jews from the start.They were fed slowly the Idea that the jews were trash that needed to be gotten rid of and believed it.You put a goldfish straight into a bowl of 55 degree water,it will go into shock and die.You leave it in the bag for a while in the water,it will slowly get used to the temperature and then it will be fine in the water.The liberals like you that claim you dont want the USA demoralized,must be nearsighted.Your type said 40 years ago,that laxing our moral values a bit wouldnt effect us.Look at us now!There are homos in every corner,and the scary thing is,people just say........hay,its Ok with me if that guy is gay,theres nothing wrong with that.Its not his fault, and it doesnt effect me anyway.IT IS BEING ACCEPTED INTO EVERYDAY LIFE!Do you not see the pattern?How can you care so little about what kind of world your grandkids will live in.My definition of moral values is this:the actions and lifestyle that reflect Christ and will never be changed with the times.I am nothing nor will I ever be like Christ,but we have to try to be like him.Now what do liberals believe that will never change?Nothing,because people change.The bible doesnt.What do you believe tony?You think that being homo is OK,that sucking babys brains out is Ok?Explain to me your blueprint in life.Its not that I dont have tolerance its that I dont change and I dont want to change because I have a foundation.You and the liberals are like go with the flo and dont have anything to live by and you go where you want to go,because theys nothing holding you back.In the liberal mind,EVERYTHING is accepted.With the exeption of Christianity.Take the commandments down.Take in god we trust of of the currency.Take one nation out of god out of the pledge.Call easter break at school ,spring break.And yet,muslim,and jewish holidays are openly recognized.You call us "Bigots"?I would rather be known as an uneducated,dirt poor,"hillbilly" with values,than a snobby liberal moron that votes for people that rip the american roots out and burn them.The funny thing is...........the liberals call themselves Americans!Let me tell you what you are,you are from a country that is called, AMeespafgblsjfledjvilletasjhebCA.Why?Because your not only changing the name of america,your changing the american lifestyle.We are turning into a HELLHOLE nation!Because of your blind,reckless,and Anti american votes.And yes,Tony,swaller that up real good.I just called you anti american!Because you are against the things america was founded on.That is your real title.ANTI-AMERICAN.Prove me wrong,Jackass.And yes,I just called you a Jackass.Thats your mascot isnt it?

Like I said

This response submitted by TonyH on 11/9/04 at 7:42 PM. ( )

Read above post again. Point made.

Tony H

This response submitted by Jordan on 11/9/04 at 8:14 PM. ( )

is that all you have to say?So typical of a wimpy liberal that cant defend his
"beliefs".Read above post.MY POINT IS MADE.You are a small minded Idiot.

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