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Submitted by Griz on 11/6/04 at 11:09 PM. ( )

I was just curious how successful you ebayers were selling mounts on there. I ain't looking to steal your niche market or anything, but if i have to 'foreclose' on an unpaid for mount or something i was just curious if ebay was actually worth it.

What is the comission?

How does paypal work?

I don't trust people too much without meeting them and stuff, so i will never be a 'mail order taxidermist', pretty well all my business is going to be local and in person, i don't know how you guys can take in and ship out mounts like you do without getting screwed or going nuts worrying on if the check will clear and stuff. Let alone dealing anonymously over ebay.

Different strokes for different folks. But i was just wondering if i did post a nice mount on their if i could expect to get a reasonably decent price.

Thanks in advance for any opinions and help :)

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This response submitted by Skullery....Jeff on 11/6/04 at 11:25 PM. ( )

Griz, i just put this one on a few days ago sort of a test just to see what happens. I have sold antlers and sometimes do o k and sometimes not. It pays to check out the persons feedback. I had alot of questions too when i first started. The best thing to do is go to ebay's homepage and go to the top and click on "sell" They will answer alot of your questions. Just take alittle time research it there and you will get more answers than you will on taxi-net. Skullery.....Jeff

All my business...

This response submitted by Raven on 11/6/04 at 11:31 PM. ( )

All my business is done over the net. In fact there's only one client I've actually met in person after net contact and only two I've talked to on the phone! Everything I do is via email.

For checks it's easy... don't ship a danged thing until the money has cleared and is in yer account. Since almost everything I do is custom, I dont know what size box Im shipping in or it's weight until it's done. So what I do is this;

client pays the total bill before I begin work.. no 50% deal here...

once that money is released by the bank into my account, I purchase materials that I dont have on hand already and do the work.

When the work is done, I calculate shipping and have them make a second payment for that amount.

Once THAT clears, I send the package.

If a client gives me a hard time sayin how do they know I aint gonna run with the money? Well they have my mailing addy (even if its just a PO box there is still a paper trail as the Post Office has my home address etc) AND - for me to cash the check - the bank also has all my personal information. Should I scam someone - it is very easy for them to have the cops get in touch with me - so they have nothing to lose.

I've yet to have a problem. I have lost a couple potential clients because they didnt like my policies - but screw 'em, it's my business and I'll run it how I want. With 100% of my business being done over the net, my policies I have in place have made sure I have never once gotten burned by a client.

Best bet is to watch

This response submitted by Paul I on 11/6/04 at 11:31 PM. ( )

Griz your best bet is to watch what the mounts are selling for and decide if you can live with the pricing.Some people do very well on there but with anything there is good and bad.Watch a couple of auctions from start to finish then post back.


This response submitted by John_NY on 11/6/04 at 11:35 PM. ( )

If you decide to try ebay I would make sure I signed up for paypal.
I don't sell mounts on there but I do sell Amateur radio equipment
and using paypal and placing on a buy it now button and accepting
credit cards is a big plus to grab those buy it on a whim buyers.
Now some will tell you I'm not accepting credit cards because they charge
3%. That's not a big problem, but if 3 bucks on a hundred bother you
then raise your price by 4% not really rocket science.

I have been using ebay and accepting credit cards for a little
over 6 years and so far I have not been stung yet.

Good luck.

Watch EBAY a while and see.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 11/7/04 at 1:09 AM. ( )

Fish go low, Pheasents are real cheap.

You will see something go high and many go to low.

Give it a try!

This response submitted by Don Patton jr on 11/7/04 at 6:49 AM. ( )

I put this Cutthroat Trout on Ebay yesterday. If you copy and paste the address above it will go directly to my auction. It will run for 6 more days and then you can see how it does.
All buyers and sellers are registered with Ebay (Credit card no.,address etc.). Paypal works the same as well. Try it and see what you think. Also, book mark this auction and see if I sell and what I get...You never know.

Thanks for all the replies...

This response submitted by Griz on 11/7/04 at 10:17 AM. ( )

I have watched some auctions and thought they were fairly good prices but i just kinda wanted to see what peoples thoughts were, you know if the hassle was worth it. So it sounds like it isn't gonna make me rich but i can get my money out of a mount especially if i have the guys deposit:) I noticed some things on there are under priced but they are usually the bigger items. And i also noticed some things were overpriced for the quality and i also noticed there are some pretty rough looking items on there.

So overall it looks like it is worth it. Thanks again for the replies.


This response submitted by Alex on 11/7/04 at 12:17 PM. ( )

Sucks !

ebay does suck

This response submitted by trappersteph on 11/7/04 at 3:25 PM. ( )

The last few years have been suckier, lots of lowball bidding,but a few things can do well on there, depends on peoples buying moods and how many shill bidders a seller has LOL. Shill bidding - having your buddies bid to try to get a bid war going with someone, to up the price way up- is against ebay rules and can get you kicked off there if ebay finds it out. I know not everyone has shill bidders,but some do I suspect. Its an ongoing rumor thing with ebay.

Raccoons do not sell well very often, well done foxes usually do, as do well done coyotes and bobcats,but not always.I have sold some new mounted foxes for 325.00, cheapy,but not too cheapy. Ebay has become a wholesale site. If you don't mind selling wholesale...

I think an unclaimed mount that had 50% paid upfront will sell fine if listed for the balance that was due before it was abandoned with you, unless you charge 500.00 or something for a deer mount and its a spike that was abandoned.

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