Come on George, stop being stingy with your UNIT.

Submitted by Ron on 11/7/04 at 10:01 PM. ( )

Tell me what "ELK" unit you are trying for in Arizona. It is the least you can do after all the mentoring and loving but firm correction I have given you. I feel I have made you the man you are..(don't hate me for this people) and all I ask is this in return.

I am the worlds unluckiest elk hunter. My 15 year old is kicking my arse on big bulls and I need help fast. He is the type that rubs it in. I will not be able to live with this kid if I don't take a good bull soon. Right at the instant the arrow is released or the trigger is pulled something allways reaches out and snatches my victory out of the mouth of defeat or however the hell the saying goes.

I know the area you are talking about in Vermejo Park. I lived for a while just north of Trinidad and yes there are some monster bulls there. Tons of bears too. But most of that area is private and I like to hunt on my own; no guides. Plus I want to save my Colorado hunts for hunting with my family. But New Mexico, or Arizona is all about me baby. All I need is a starting point and I can take it from there.
Remember George, now that Cecil is out of the way I can go back to working on you. I can make your life a living hell on here so...GIVE IT UP!. Heck, we might both draw and we can hunt together. I get first shot though.

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