Republican Heads Up!

Submitted by Michelle B on 11/8/04 at 5:31 AM. ( )

PA senator Arlen Spector is next in line for the head of the republican judicial committee because of seniority. Everyone needs to contact the republican senators in your states and let them know we DON'T want him to get this position. It was out in the GOP news-letter that he basically threatened Pres. Bush the day after election, that if he sent any conservative Pro-life judges his way for appointment, he would turn them down.

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This response submitted by Steve on 11/8/04 at 4:45 PM. ( )

See..what did I tell ya? Now the republicans are going to turn the fight inward. They are going against their own people. They want to get rid of the moderates in their party. This is how all dictatorships start. And, just a few months back bush gave his support to Spector, and was campaigning for him.

They're turning their sights on Pataki too...

This response submitted by Junipera on 11/8/04 at 5:00 PM. ( )

..blaming him for Chuck Schumer's landslide. Poor George Pataki, he's just a Party hack doing his job.

He's a party hack working for the other party.

This response submitted by Craig on 11/9/04 at 10:24 AM. ( )

Wolf in sheep's clothing. Schumer won because the people of New York are predominantly registered Democrat (New York City) and Mills was not much different in his ideals. Why change when there is no reason to? They are both evil.

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