looking for large taxidermy studio with quick turn around

Submitted by charlotta westergren on 1/12/05 at 10:07 AM. ( charlottawestergren@hotmail.com )

I am a video artist and I am shooting a film and need a costurme made fast. I need two different head- dresses made (think of something an Indian might wear) one of a deer and one of a lamb(a big horn sheep or a dall sheep will work as well). Does anyone know a large studio that has the time/ experience for quick turn around on a job like this. I may be able to get the skinsfor the job. Thanks

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This response submitted by Bradlee on 1/12/05 at 10:59 AM. ( )

This question on 12/12/04 . There is a reply on that post . Have you tried that suggestion yet ? These won't be easy to find but you may have some luck calling your local taxidermists and see if they may be able to make them .

look at the first post

This response submitted by Earl on 1/12/05 at 1:44 PM. ( )

Cur already said he would help you.

Here's how it works

This response submitted by cur on 1/12/05 at 2:54 PM. ( )

You submit a design description along with an RFQ (Request for Quote) we review it and source materials and give you a quote for the project. If you like our price, then we require 50% down with P.O. and balance on delivery. Simple as that.


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