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I can't believe that EG threw in the towel yesterday. On that note, I end my quest. Seems as if folks are getting bored with the long quizzes, and Old shaver has come up with some good ones. My work schedule is starting to overwhelm, so I pass on future games until the decks are clear and the work caught up....

GOTCHA Gantry! (I guess antelope study is not easy in KY. I get to keep the woodduck print, after all.....

Here are the answers:

1. I am a member of one of the Genera in the Family Bovidae. A forest dweller, I am most famous for being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. One leap was measured at nearly ten meters, from a standing start over a bush nearly six feet tall. My mate and I are dichromic and males of my species often fight to the death and frequently lock horns during combat.
ANSWER: The Lesser Kudu. A standing-start leap was measured at 9.4 meters....Males often fight to the death, and their corkscrew horns frequently lock up during combat. Missed.

2. I am a diminutive antelope and unique in a number of ways. Very few antelope species live where I call home. How am I unique? Well first of all, I am the only member of my genus. Secondly I have a unique physical feature not shared by any other member of my Family.
ANSWER: The Chousingha, or four horned antelope of India.....Guessed correctly.

3. I am the Jimmy Durante of antelope.<<<<<<GIMMIE!
ANSWER: The Saiga of Asian Steppes. It's nose contains a massive air chamber which is suspected of being used to warm air, although it containes some specialized scent organs of unknown benefit.....Guessed Correctly.

4. My kind are one of the altitude record holders for antelopes......We get high on life. We have long horns and wooly fur.
ANSWER: The Tibetian Antelope. Among large mammals, only the Yak lives at higher altitudes. The Llama, Guanaco and Alpaca live at altitudes of slightly less elevation....Guessed correctly.

5. Males of my species share a very common trait with whitetail deer. We are two species and neighbors of number four.
ANSWER: Mongolian Gazelle. The common trait is cervical swelling during rut times. The Goitered Gazelle was a good guess, but only the larnygeal region enlarges during rut, producing a lump in the throat - hence the name "Goitered".....Missed.

6. I am named for a sign of the Zodiac. Isle live where I care to. I have pre-orbitals like the duikers, a mane like the Sable and Rhone antelopes and a very bushy tail.
ANSWER: The Serows. Clue was "Isle" Serows live on the Islands of Japan and Formosa to name some. It's scientific name is Capricornis crispus. Missed.

7. I am the Audrey Hepburn of our clan.<<<<<<<'Nuther GIMMIE.
ANSWER: Audrey Hepburn was known for her long and graceful neck. Two species of antelope have that physical feature, the Gerenuk, or Waller's Gazelle and the Dibatag, or Clark's Gazelle....Missed.

8. We are another strange species of antelopes. We have a habit of spending time in caves, but we don't hang from the ceilings. We have beautiful fur but short horns. We blend in with our environment.....well most of the time.
ANSWER: The goat-antelope-goat we know as the "Billy" or the North American Mountain Goat. The "goat" is not actually a true goat, hence the "strange" species clue. It's fur is white year around so that it blends with it's snowy habitat most of the time. They have a habit of seeking shelter in caves during severe weather. Missed.

9. Male and female of our species are decidedly dichromic. We have at least one trait in common with the white rhino. We have corkscrew horns and are very fond of a type of glove.......Who are we and, what are the gloves called?
ANSWER: Indian Blackbuck. Blackbuck build large dungheaps to mark their territories, as do the White Rhinos. The dung heaps are called, "mittens".....Missed.

10. My habitat and habits are very similar to the whitetail deer. In fact, most American hunters who see us are amazed at the similarities. Actually there is another species that makes the same impression on visiting hunters. Either species will be accepted as correct, but those of us from lands south of Impangani are the best choice.
ANSWER: The answer would have been either the Gray's or the Mountain Reedbuck. The other reedbuck species live in open savannah lands. Their actions during twilight feeding times are identical to that of the whitetail deer. The color is nearly identical, and when they are alarmed, they bounce off waving a white flag, just like the whitetail.

End report

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Good game Cur

This response submitted by daveP on 1/12/05 at 5:22 PM. ( )

Didn't get bored, the work schedule just got the better of my time and I never made it back. Just as a note of posterity, Mongolian gazelle was my next guess after the goitered, but I wasn't even close on the others.

So Audrey had a long neck? No way I was getting that gimme.

Thanks for the entertainment.

I missed the damn quiz

This response submitted by oldshaver on 1/12/05 at 7:56 PM. ( )

I hate I missed this one. My time is usually limited to weekends and maybe 30 min on week nights. #7, what about the Dama Gazelle?

The Dama Gazelle...

This response submitted by daveP on 1/12/05 at 8:13 PM. ( )

and it's western subspecies, the Mhorr gazelle, do exhibit traits similar to the Gerenuk in that they will stand on their hind legs to reach leaves above the normal browsing height. However, the graceful and thin lines of the movie actress and the similar features af the Gerenuk were obviously what the ol' cur was referring to.

I never really watched the old movies and consequently was out of my league on that particular question. That was always the color of the pie I could never get in Trivial Pursuit.

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