What's Required?

Submitted by Brian H. on 1/12/05 at 10:55 PM. ( orvtpa@hotmail.com )

I have started to get into taxidermy and mounting some things if I continue to work what all is legally required to mount specimen for other people. Is a license required? Any help will give me an idea on what I have to look forward to. Thanks.

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What state?

This response submitted by John_NY on 1/12/05 at 11:01 PM. ( )

You should tell us what state you live in. In N.Y. you don't need a
license anymore. You will need a permit to mount migratory birds.


This response submitted by Brian on 1/12/05 at 11:16 PM. ( )

Oh Sorry, I live in Kentucky.

Heres the link...contact them

This response submitted by Truth on 1/13/05 at 12:54 AM. ( )



This response submitted by Tony J. on 1/13/05 at 8:08 AM. ( )

Brian, I live in KY, I am in charge of SE KY through the Kentucky Taxidermy Assoc. All I am is a middle man, I help people that want to join. If ya want you can call me after 4pm and I can answer any questions that you might have, and get you some info. w/ phone #'s
(606) 668-9392 Tony @ Johnson Taxidermy Studio

Thanks Tony

This response submitted by Brian on 1/13/05 at 10:51 PM. ( )

Tony I might give you a call Saturday if that's alright. Thanks A Lot

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