Submitted by Jeff @ Jeff's Taxidermy on 1/13/05 at 1:37 PM. ( )

Im having a bit of a problem here and wondered if anyone else has or is having the same problem.
I sent $500.00 to Morgan Taxidermy along with 2 turkeys,(1) L/S half strut on a branch and (1) breast mount and 2 skunks to be fleshed and tanned.
I've called numerous times and no answer so I've left messages.
When I have got Mike on the phone he tells me it's being done or I had to order another freezedried head cuz the 1 sent was crushed or he was sick and not able to work.I know we all have our problems at times but damn this is getting rediculous!
Last time I did talk with him he told me he'd send it out right after Christmas.....Well it's been 3 weeks since Christmas and no turkeys or skunks and nobody answering the phone and no one returning calls when a message is left(which is EVERYTIME I CALL).
I'm beginning to think I've been screwed and the L/S turkey owner is crawling up my butt on a daily basis now and I'm at a loss for what to tell him other than I can't get ahold of Mike and it was suppost to be sent already.This is a very nice turkey too and I'm sure it is not replacable.
I'm being honest with the guy and thats all I can do.I don't want to lose this guy as a customer and really don't want to lose any customers cuz thats where most of my new business comes from is past customers refering their friends to me.
I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do now.
Maybe Mike will see this post and he will get in contact with me.I hate doing this here on the forum but I didn't know where else to go with the problem.
All I can say is that I'm really getting pressured from this customer and I don't like being put in a corner with nowhere to go. I'm starting to get a lil pissed off and it does take quite a bit to piss me off.
All I can do is hope that this matter will be resolved ASAP and we can all get along.
Jeff @ Jeff's Taxidermy

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I know how you feel!

This response submitted by Kim on 1/13/05 at 2:10 PM. ( )


I do understand your frustration about people taking advantage of others over getting the work done. We have gone through about the same thing with some other "well known" people and businesses. However, I won't name anyone. I took care of the matter and will no longer send any business or money to them.

For the past five years, we have adopted a policy of "doing our own work" and not wholesaling anything due to the dishonest people.
I guess doing your own work has some pretty good merits to it!

Hope it works out for you.

Best Regards,

Thanks Kim

This response submitted by Jeff @ Jeff's Taxidermy on 1/13/05 at 2:54 PM. ( )

I know I'm not the only 1 out there that has had these problems.
I myself am doing wholesale work and for those I've done it for can tell ya that when I say it's gonna be done THAT IS WHEN it's done.I don't mess around with it or I will lose the business.
This yr alone I've done 12 pheasants for 1 another taxi and ALL have been done when they were said they would be done.I have a few more comming yet from this other taxi and they will be done when I say they will be done also.For the others I'm doing the work for they will be done on time like I told them.Thats how a business is suppost to be run.
I took these turkeys in because they are from very good customers that have been having things mounted by me for several yrs now and I don't personally like mounting turkeys but took them in because I didn't want to tell a good customer no.
Hopefully these customers will remain good customers for me and overlook my error in sending them to someone that apparently doesn't care about how his business is run.
Sad thing is is this guy does awesome turkeys and was looking foreward to doing business with him in the future also.
Now I will be either turning turkey work down or finding someone who will make good on their word.
It leaves me a lil gunshy at the moment though haha.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/13/05 at 3:32 PM. ( )

You know how I feel about every single guy that wants to share their experiences with wholesalers in here, but I also know how you must feel. I think theres something wrong with Mike, because although I dont have work with him, I havent heard a peep out of him, hes dropped off the face of the earth. I know there was some personal problems last year, but I know hes a good person, so I wonder about his health, etc. We have all gone through THAT one! I dont know what to tell you, but if I hear from Mike, Ill certainly pass it along. I hope hes ok.

Thanks Bill

This response submitted by Jeff @ Jeff's Taxidermy on 1/13/05 at 3:46 PM. ( )

I know Mike is a good person and thats why I hated going this route with the problem,,,but he won't return any calls and he had told me he would send everything back to me done right after Christmas.I know about the personal stuff too and he had told me when I talked to him before Christmas he had been in the hospital with pneumonia but was feeling good again and was headed back to work.
It would be nice to just get a phone call letting me know its on the way from him or his wife .....ya know?
Hopefully soon I will hear from him but until then I guess I just keep telling the guys what I've been telling them.

I have to say too

This response submitted by Dan Hudzik on 1/13/05 at 7:20 PM. ( hudzik@madisontelco.com )

I have tried to get in touch with him over the last few months by sending him an email or even on AOL IMK but I never hear back from him. I asked Ralph about him and he told me that even he hasn't seen or heard from him in the last 6 months? Wonder if everything is ok over there. Dan


This response submitted by MikeM on 1/13/05 at 7:46 PM. ( )

nice to know i have been missed so much.i think i'm still alive been alot going on here everything from court for the problem we had. to
being in the hospital and now having two teeth pulled today ouch!

just talked with jeff on the phone. last time i talked with him they were in the middle of a snow storm last week so i have been waiting. for that to end.

hey bill i'll call you next :)

dan send me an e-mail so i can call ya dude.

anyway everything is fine here



This response submitted by Dan Hudzik on 1/13/05 at 9:27 PM. ( hudzik@madisontelco.com )

Glad to hear it Mike. Dan


This response submitted by Brent on 1/13/05 at 9:58 PM. ( )

HA! I thought Mike fled the country!

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