Unusual opportuity. Bear cub.

Submitted by Little Al on 1/13/05 at 6:10 PM. ( yoalbie@nnex.net )

I'm a taxidermist in Northern wisconsin with 30+ years experience and have never had an opprortunity like this and will likely not have it again. I have a Black Bear cub (about 40 lbs.) to mount and sell....LEGALLY! It came about like this. Over the years I have mounted a great many specimens for the Mercer (WI) DNR Ranger Station. The place is a veritable museum. Local school groups go there to see the "stuffed" stuff. The wildlife manager there contacted me saying they had picked up a pair of road-killed twin cubs. He explained that, due to budget constraints, he couldn't get authorization to pay for taxidermy for these cubs. He suggested that if I would mount one of them for the DNR they would give me the other to do with as I pleased. I said....."UH,...sure!" He said he'd have to run it by the field warden first. The warden okayed it and I have the cubs in my freezer now complete with the appropriate tags authorizing me to posses and sell one of them. This tag also authorizes whomever buys the mount to own and posses it. I'm posting this information here to see if any of you taxis out there might share with me a client who may be interested in such a mount. Here, in Wisconsin, it's next to impossible to have a cub legally any other way. I'm spreading the word locally, but I thought I'd try here too. The closer to Northern Wisconsin the client is the better because shipping could be a problem. If someone commits to it before I mount it I can do it to his/her specification. If not I'll mount it to suit myself and then offer it for sale. By the way, in case you're wondering, I can't sell it as is, dead and frozen. That's not allowed. I can only sell it as a finished taxidermy product. I thought of ebay, but they don't allow anything "Bear". I have sold fish mounts on ebay. Search there under the seller's name "yoalbie" for my feedback profile. If anyone is intersted please email me and I'll provide a phone number so we can talk about it. Thanks a lot...eh!

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It's no real Treasure

This response submitted by B on 1/13/05 at 6:22 PM. ( )

If you hunt Onterio, There is no size, or weight restrictions on bear. A many a 40 pounder is killed there each year. Black bear are easily imported into the states from Canada, and can be had in that size fairly easily. Hope this all works out. But honeatly, I don't think you will recover the cost Of mounting one for the DNR Let alone recover the cost Of doing two, and selling one. Good luck

Thanks "B"

This response submitted by Little Al on 1/13/05 at 6:36 PM. ( )

for your input. I realize that little bears are killed and brought back from Canada but think of it like this. If you're a collector of quality taxidermy and decide you want a small bear cub who you gonna call? Try to find one. I'm just trying to find a person who never thought they could own one and here one is. As for getting paid, I failed to mention that the DNR is going to pay me about half of what I would charge to do one and the one I get completes their payment. I'll make out alright.


This response submitted by mark on 1/13/05 at 6:37 PM. ( )


Smsll Bears

This response submitted by Jay on 1/13/05 at 7:22 PM. ( goblue@mtc.net )

Good Luck with the small bear, I have 2 in the freezer that are about #15. One is black and one is brown. I am in Wi. and have had about 10 of them at different times.

Like Jay

This response submitted by Linda C. on 1/14/05 at 11:23 AM. ( )

I'm in the real North of Wisconsin and I have an average of 4 of these guys in the freezer at any given time.The last one I got from the DNR weighed 10 pounds.My payment price for the siezure tag averages ten dollars.But they are fun to do so have a good time with it.

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