example of my work also opinion on ebay price increase

Submitted by Skullery....Jeff on 1/13/05 at 6:53 PM. ( )

Hi, just thought if would let you all see an example of my work since I have been on this forum many times. Ebay item 7127923529 is a skull i just did from a fresh African lion. By the way, any of you selling items on ebay just see the H U G E increases for sellers starting sometime in Feb? Maybe you taxidermist need to increase your pricing about 50 to 60%. I know you can't do that because of competition. MAYBE thats what ebay needs now. Thanks for looking. Skullery.....Jeff

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eBay fees

This response submitted by - on 1/13/05 at 7:08 PM. ( )

They suck! All the sudden their take goes from 5.25% at list and 5.25%+/- some at FVF to 5.25% at list and 8% AND UP at fvf! Plus now buyers can hose you with a stolen credit card on PayPal, you can no longer decline credit card payments on there. Store price increases, buy it now price increases, gallery price increases of almost 100% and an image size increase of about 30x20 pixels - barely perceptible to the eye (56%)... just ridiculous. That's why I run 1-2 auctions a week. I used to run 50. It just sucks. No other auction site brings in as many shoppers though so it's a necessary evil, like the yellowpages but worse. Don't you love inflation?


This response submitted by Mike on 1/13/05 at 8:00 PM. ( )

Looks great.

The way I.................

This response submitted by Paul B on 1/13/05 at 8:32 PM. ( )

read it , the prices are going up fo those with ebay stores, except for the gallery increase, which is an option anyway. Looks like normal taxidermy related sales costs are not being raised.


Ebay Gets What They Deserve

This response submitted by Gail Cooley on 1/22/05 at 2:59 PM. ( gailisme@hotmail.com )

Looks as if greedy Ebay has got what it deserves now.....we can get a bit of satisfaction from seeing how their stocks have taken a dive and Wall Street is not happy. Part of this may be due to people trying to take advantage of Ebay by selling an item for a penny and then charging a $20.00 shipping fee in order to get out of paying Ebay a percentage of the final price. Now we are all for some people trying to get around/cheat the system. There are always those people.

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