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What happened to the web page
Are there any others?

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Two More

This response submitted by Joe V on 1/14/05 at 9:45 AM. ( )

google images

This response submitted by m on 1/14/05 at 10:42 AM. ( )

unlimited number of good quality photos


This response submitted by cur on 1/14/05 at 11:13 AM. ( )

Glen can fill you all in...articles will be posted on his sites in the future...Mark just couldn't keep up with it and his business at the same time......R.I.P. I am not sure what Glen is doing, but he called me for permission to use my reference posts on a new platform. I am sure he will posting information in the future.


This response submitted by Jeff F. on 1/14/05 at 2:14 PM. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

If this is true, it's a sad day for the industry. Good articles, good reference, and helpful tips for many. BUT, if Uncle G gets involved, I'm sure it will all work out with the help of some nutty computer guru! Can anyone recommend a good Texas taxidermist?(LMAO) Peace- Jeff F.

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