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Submitted by Bob Mead on 1/14/05 at 2:28 PM. ( )

Hi all,
My new site is all tweaked up and ready to roll thanks to Jason Keehr at I recommend them highly if you need a site built. Very attentive, patient, and does nice work! My site address is:

Let me know what you think! BTW, I know my photography sucks, but I'm in the market for a better digital camera and some professional backdrop curtains to try to remedy that problem in the future!

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This response submitted by Alex on 1/14/05 at 2:48 PM. ( )

It all looks good to me, You can always switch pics if you get better ones ,but those do the Job.

I like that outcrop of rocks where your sitting,looks like a good spot for Muleys?


This response submitted by Doug on 1/14/05 at 2:55 PM. ( )

Bob, you have a very high class looking website. I've seen a lot of them, and yours is excellent. Congratulations and I hope it brings you lots of business.


This response submitted by DEERMEISTER on 1/14/05 at 3:52 PM. ( )

Nice site, nice work, enjoyed the tour


This response submitted by Bob Mead on 1/14/05 at 4:25 PM. ( )

We were hunting black bear in the river bottoms up in the Gila National Forest...real nice country. Rode in on a couple of my horses and walked from there. No luck but good for the soul!

I appreciate you guys looking around!

Bob Mead


This response submitted by Tony J. on 1/14/05 at 5:54 PM. ( )

Bob, looks great! It really looks profesional!
Tony @ Johnson Taxidermy Studio East KY

Very nice Bob

This response submitted by Evelyn on 1/14/05 at 6:03 PM. ( )

Good lay out, it loads pretty quick, nice pictures, excellent work. The one thing missing though is the phrase "New Mexico taxidermist" a hundred times on each page. LOL

Don't sweat the pictures Bob!......

This response submitted by Mac on 1/14/05 at 6:31 PM. ( )

Layout is nice, loads fast, is easy to navigate and is east to read. Could'nt ask for anything better. Don't sweat the pictures, the ones I saw were fine and like Alex said, you can always change em if you want. Love the layout of the trophy room. Very Nice.

To dark

This response submitted by my opinion on 1/14/05 at 8:43 PM. ( )

Nice layout but that black background sure makes for a dark site and was hard to read for me. Notice that the big companies use light colors even white as wall paper for thier sites. Remember black says bad in a subliminal way. Notice that even this site uses a light colored background and is nice to visit and stay with somewhat because of that.

lighter background is...

This response submitted by marty on 1/15/05 at 4:43 PM. ( )

...typically easier to read because white on black is the biggest possible contrast out there. Combine that with small or crappy monitors and not so good eyes, and a dark background site may be difficult to read to some. But, not in this case. The font is large enough and simple enough to read in my opinion.

Another factor in choosing a dark background (and the reason many web-designers steer away from it) is it is more difficult (& challenging) to pull off. I don't believe it says "bad". In fact, if done correctly it can look quite artistic - and different than every other website out there. This is why I too chose a black background. I like the way the photos stand out against a dark background.

Just my opinion...

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