Support our troops, not with $$$

Submitted by Amethyst Taylor aka Wolf on 1/16/05 at 1:27 AM. ( )

I have seen some posts recently regarding setting up a fund for our Soldiers overseas. Might I make you aware of something far more important that you can do to contribute to their cause and support them for there services as dollars and pennies aren't exactly what they need. Our Soldiers have a salary that pays them and their families well. What they are in need of is:

Cards from strangers that remind them they are not forgotten, they are thought of and supported.

Snack foods, comfort food, junk food, the stuff we take for granted... granola bars and summer sausage, chewing gum, tuna in a pouch, pretzels... the list goes on.

Some areas, where they are serving their terms, are remote and they don't have access to a PX, so they need, soap, deodorant, shirts, socks, underwear, pillows and bath towels... another long list.

And not to be forgotten but items in life to take there minds off their duties, books, mags, videos or DVDs, joke and puzzle books, board games, extra pens, pencils and paper.

Some Soldier wish they could phone home, take your $20.00 and buy one a phone card.

I signed up over 2 months ago with a support group so that I could do some of the items listed above for maybe just one person in Iraq or Afghanistan. Only a week ago did I finally get the name of someone that needed a letter, from me, in Iraq. The waiting list is that long and the non-profit organization is that over loaded.

This person, whom I know only by a name, helps keep ambulances up and running. All the unit, that this PVT works under, is asking for at this time is Mechanics gloves... gloves to help them get their work done. Now the way I see it, if they don't get there work done, that means that important vehicles that are standing by to help those that are injured in combat won't be available to possibly aid other Soldiers. Correct me if I am wrong, but I see that as being a very bad thing. By the end of this month, one way or another, I plan to have a whole box of gloves for this unit en route to Iraq! I have already sent a letter to inform them that they are doing and great thing and aren't forgotten.

While I cannot pass out the information, and the list of Iraq and Afghanistan addresses that I have received, as it is restricted material, I can tell you where I got this information:

There are other websites, do a search, "Support for Soldiers) and you will find some good links.

If you are interested in learning what is on the list of the items soldiers are asking for, e-mail me. Or if you want to send something in a box overseas but can't wait 2 months for an address, let me know, I'll be happy to put it in one of my boxes I'll be shipping out.

It really is one thing to say "I support the troops in Iraq!" It is another thing all together to actually do it, to get the name of a John or Jane Doe you don't know, from a state you have never lived in, and you find out just how much they do need your support in a land far from home.

Regards to all,

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Well said

This response submitted by Cecil on 1/16/05 at 12:32 PM. ( )

They don't want charity they want practicality.

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