What a GAME! Snow, Beer, Loud music ecte ct

Submitted by wetnwild on 1/17/05 at 8:32 AM. ( )

Was very fortunate to be given tickets to the Patriots playoff game yesterday at Gillette Stadium! WOW! Snow, beer, loud music, drunken crowds, ect ect. Awesome. If your a fan, there is nothing better! Who would have figured the patriots could hold Peyton Manning to three points LOL As peyton is fond of saying" Cut the meat" LOL We had margaritas , t-bone steaks, chinese tyeriyaki ribs, pretzels, more maRGARITAS, chips, more margaritas, snacks, more margaritas LOL LOL What a great time! Next stop, PITTSBURG, here we come!

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72 degrees

This response submitted by tomdes on 1/17/05 at 8:47 AM. ( mapletax@twcny.rr.com )

Peyton and his offense weren't use to the harsh weather, they're use to a 72 stadium. But I don't care I'm a NE fan anyway. Sounded like a blast Tom. You got your moneys worth or free tickets worth....

I guess that's how the margarita bubbles

This response submitted by Evelyn on 1/17/05 at 9:35 AM. ( )

Glad you had a great time Tom. I can only imagine you being there. LMAO. I am a Colt's fan as well as a Patriots fan. I like both team and if the game had been played indoors I think it would have had a different outcome. Maybe the Colts just need to take that roof off of their stadium and become an outdoor team like the Patriots and they would play better in hard conditions like last night. Them boys need some toughening up.

I love watching games with snow and ice. Makes for an interesting game. Hooray for the Patriots, too bad for the Colts. It would have been nice for Payton to get a superbowl ring though. He deserves one. Ah maybe next year.

What're you guys say? Patriots and Falcons at the Superbowl with the Patriots winning is my bet.

Next Sunday will be interesting

This response submitted by PA on 1/17/05 at 10:53 AM. ( )

Hopefully young Ben will have gotten over the jitters with the first post-season game. We will see how those Pats do the second time around - they certainly will be psyched up to take a crack at Dem Stillers. Yunz commin' ta Pixburgh un tailgatin' with brauts an pierogies?

Bummed Out

This response submitted by Jeff @ Jeffs Taxidermy on 1/17/05 at 11:24 AM. ( )

Wished the Colts could have won.
I'd like to see me a Super Bowl ring in person.
My cousin is Dallas Clark the TE for the Colts.....
I know the cold didn't bother him too much growing up in Iowa hahaha
Maybe next yr

What do you expect?

This response submitted by Jeff F. on 1/17/05 at 2:03 PM. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

Brady was a Michigan QB. Colts are working on getting a new stadium right now. I believe it will be one of those ones that opens up for the game. I won't even get into my Vikings.Randy Moss just seems to get stupider as the days go by. My prediction, Steelers vs Eagles for the big dance. Eagles on top! Peace- Jeff F.


This response submitted by Jeff @ Jeff's Taxidermy on 1/17/05 at 3:11 PM. ( )

Randy Moss ........what a classic ........I was roflmao! when he did the endzone thing hahahaha....What the hell is up with his hair too? I cant see how he got it all stuffed up in the helmet haha guess he dont need any padding in the helmet haha


This response submitted by giuseppe on 1/17/05 at 3:18 PM. ( )

good luck to you in pittsburgh, i am a jets fan, i am still crying,

Good Reason

This response submitted by JD on 1/17/05 at 10:25 PM. ( )

That weather is a good reason why all northern teams should have to have dome stadiums. I'm really getting tired of the weather deciding the games every year!

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