Where in Alaska is good salmon or trout fishing?

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I would like to hear from some forum users who have gone to Alaska on a fishing trip and had a memorable time. I am looking for a trip that would enable me to catch alot of fish but not necessarily the biggest so I could bring home some specimens for display.Salmon or trout are fine with me just want to enjoy the whole experience. Also , a package that may have side options such as guided tours for bear watching or horse riding and hiking so I can entice the wife to come. Thanks in advance.

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Salmon fishing

This response submitted by TR on 1/17/05 at 4:12 PM. ( trfishn@aol.com )

Hi Ed,
Check this guy out www.alaskakings.com. I never used him but I saved his address from when he was advertizing on ebay. I am also a charter captain and salmon fish lake ontario. Good luck, TR

Good bear watching

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Is the McNeil River. Largest concentration of brown bears on earth....Summer deal. Get there out of Kodiak, Soldotna, Kenai, maybe out of Homer. Lots of great fishing out of homer for salmon, halibut and more. Kenai River has kings in July and August.

There are lots of bears on the Italo River South, out of Seward or Cordova. There are a lot of bears on the tributaries on the West side of Lake Bercherov, to the East and South of Mount Pulik. I have seen two dozen at a time on a small creek just south of the Featherly river. Great char fishing and lots of trophy grayling, tons of red salmon and char in early Fall......That is when the bears are thickest.

Don't know how you want to go. We usually go in a group of four and tent it on our own. Don't like the Lodges much, and some of the folks there less. But then I have been going to Alaska at least once a year since the sixties. There is great rainbow fishing in the Katmai-the land of ten thousand smokes - and there are plenty bears there too. Can't pack a weapon there.

There is pretty good fishing on any of the streams that dump into Bristol Bay or Cook Inlet. As far north as you want to go there is good fishing. Shee fish from Selawik on North. Great pike fishing in the sloughs off the Yukon River. Drive to fishing on the Kenai, but you have to fight the crowds there. Swanson River canoe trails are great fishing for small to medium rainbows, but lots of them. (I stood on a rock in the Swanson River just below a group of spawning silver salmon once and caught 100 rainbows to 22 inches without moving my feet......We call it, "The hatchery".)

There are plenty of big rainbow in the Kenai River too, if you fish the stretch below the falls and above Soldotna. The float and drift boats have messed up the fishing up river from Campground above the falls. There is some good fishing in sections of the King Salmon River out of Nek Nek, in fact the world record fish came from that water.

Usually we contract bush pilots to fly us into places we want to be. They charge by the hour and the rates are reasonable. Even though you may plan to just fish a day or two or three, pack along at least a week's supply of food in case the pilot gets grounded by ceiling conditions of bad weather......There just aren't any 7/11's out there.

There is plenty of good guided fishing out of the town of Nek Nek (King Salmon) and pilots to fly you there. The KingCo Inn there is a plenty good place to stay and the bar is fun and the food pretty good. You can fly West out of there to the far side of Bercherof and find plenty of bears and good fishing in those waters.

I could go on and on, but I recommend you buy a book by a young man named Chris Baten, about fishing Alaskan waters. I do not remember the title, but I bought it more than 20 years ago and used it as a tour guide for many of my Alaska adventures.

A fishing trip your wife would love too!

This response submitted by Bear on 1/17/05 at 8:56 PM. ( cambearmt@cs.com )

Hi there! Your Alaska question caught my eye! I work at a sport fishing lodge in Southeast Alaska. It is on Admirlty Island. You can look at the website which is www.pybus.com

I have worked there for 3 summers. Most men start off coming on their own and return with their wives & children. It is a very cozy place and you can have a hot shower every day. The meals are awesome. I really could go on & on. The best thing to do is check out the website. There are so many return guests...and for a reason! The place is awesome! You have to take a float plane to get there and Admirlty has the largest concentration of brown bears in the world on that island! Also, the largest concentration of humpback whales are in our area during the summer. It is not uncommon for the whales to come into our bay a few times a week. When you are out fishing, it would be hard to not see them! Let me know if you have any questions!

nushagak river

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We have it all! Salmon, trout, halibut, rockfish,.,.....oh yeah....and lot's of Big Bears. And not the big crowds some of the other places in Alaska experience.

Call or e-mail me. Or check out www.kodiak.org .....lot's of options!

Kodiak Taxidermy
Kodiak Alaska

SE Alaska

This response submitted by Travis on 1/18/05 at 4:59 AM. ( travisalaska@yahoo.com )

Bear is right you can not go wrong with SE Alaska. Lots to see and do, plus great fishing for all kinds of fish both fresh and salt water. Pybus bay is a cool spot. You might also want to check out Baranof Wilderness lodge www.flyfishalaska.com
Whalers cove lodge www.whalerscovelodge.com
All about the same area, but each place has a little bit extra to offer. All great people!
Have fun where ever you go!

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