Storage and use of Paints, glues, and chemicals

Submitted by Steve Steinbring/Epo-Grip on 1/18/05 at 10:24 AM. ( )

Heres a few items to consider in the care and feeding of your chemicals, paint, glues, and other supplies. The following is a response that I made to another thread titled "Grainy Epo-Grip". I feel this is an important enough subject to bring forward for discussion.

"Heres a couple things to always consider when working with any product.

Epo-Grip Epoxy Hide Paste should always be stirred before using. Stirring will equally distribute the solids giving the product an even consistancy. This is important! Because the product will otherwise become thicker because the liquid portions get used up first; thereby making the paste stiffer towards the bottom of the can. Settling of the solids occur especially after long periods non-useage just like paint products.

If your shop is cold (its winter now) your materials will be become quite stiff until re-warmed back to normal room temperatures around 75 degrees. So if supplies are stored in a cold shop enviroment remember to warm them (not just ours) before attempting use.

Its a good idea to have a cabinet to store all your chemicals, paints, hide adhesives where they are kept at a working temperature of about 75 degrees. An old refrigerator works well for this purpose as it has shelves already built in. Disable the cooling portion, fix the interior light switch so it remains on all the time. Install a rheostat so you can control the light bulb to regulate the temperature. Place a simple thermometer in the cabinet to monitor things. Your paints and chemicals will be ready for use, stored in a sealed metal cabinet. You will get more consistant results from your products. Stored safely from fire hazard, easily secured from the reach of children with a hasp and a padlock.

Lastly give me a call at 800-888-2467 if needed we will gladly help."

Your contributions, imputs, and suggestions are appreciated in how to store your products.

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