Submitted by Brian on 1/18/05 at 8:49 PM. ( )

Just wondering i joined the Tennessee Taxidermy Asociation about 7 months ago and ive heard nothing from nobody i did get a little bookletin the mail.Can someone give me a number of the president of this club

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Sure, I took the time to look for it

This response submitted by TeddyS on 1/18/05 at 8:57 PM. ( )

Look up at the very top of this page. Do you see the link that says "ASSOCIATIONS"? I clicked on that and scrolled down to Tennessee. And look what I found,
President: Denton Shearin, 4815 Highway 138, Toone, TN 38381. Phone: (731) 658-9933

And I didnt have to use the orange button. So I cant fuss about you not looking for it

Good day mate,

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