Orions hunting adventures

Submitted by Damon on 1/18/05 at 11:19 PM. ( )

Please email me, obviously mine are not getting through to you, try emailing me, or post your phone number if you prefer I call you, and a time (MST) when best to call.
My e mail is GEngel039@aol.com That being a zero three nine, not an "O" 39.
Also, you can check your settings to see if you may have inadvertantly blocked my e mails. I've sent directly from your email address posted with your messages you post here.

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Damon, you may have been screwed

This response submitted by One Box on 1/18/05 at 11:54 PM. ( )

Know some fellas who had given the dude capes. No contract, no deposit, months and months pass, they call and call to get a status. No answer. When they get through, one guy says "I want my cape back. Dude didn't do anything to the cape but wanted the guy to give him $150 since he was renigging on the deal. The guy refused saying, hey we didn't have a contract. Dude still evaded the guy everytime the guy wanted to get his cape back. Finally the guy got his cape and brought it to me frozen. As I was defrosting I could smell the rot. The hair came off the ears like butter. Guy said he put cape away right away after he shot it and no way did it rot because of him. Apparently dude let it out to defrost and must have forgotten it for a day or 2 in the heat and then refreezed it knowing it had to be bad. Dude is atleast sloppy. At worst an arrogant fraud.

i hope u aint talkin bout me!

This response submitted by Orion on 1/19/05 at 11:44 AM. ( orionshunting@msn.com )

cuz i know i havent had ne probs like that. damon, i dont know how much emails you sent but i jus got 1 2day. i emailed you bac.

Orion, I got your e mail

This response submitted by Damon on 1/19/05 at 10:56 PM. ( )

...hope we can work things out.

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