Deer Alert !

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OutdoorsLDWF offers assistance to concerned area deer hunters
January 16, 2005
By Jimmy Watson

Area deer hunters who believe that deer are disappearing from their leases or from their family hunting haunts, can call Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries biologists for assistance.

LDWF biologist Steve Hebert said that he received three telephone calls on Monday after a Times story ran in last Sunday's edition citing complaints from a Red River Parish hunter, who indicated that he and his buddies aren't seeing the number of deer that they've seen in the past.

"I talked to all three of the hunters and told them that we'd be happy to come out after the muzzleloader season ends," Hebert said. "All three of the gentlemen said that they had killed three to four bucks this year."

Hebert said that lots of factors can contribute to a lack of deer sightings, not the least of which is a change in habitat.

"That's one of the things that we check when we travel to a lease -- to see how it has changed over a several-year period," Hebert said. "We seem to have more questions raised in Red River Parish due to changes there."

Hebert said that the LDWF biologists don't claim to have all the answers but that they don't hide either.

"We're here to help the public come up with solutions," he said.

For more information, call the LDWF office in Minden at (318) 371-3050.

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Slow Year

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This seems to be a problem all across the south this year. I beleive it is partially due to the warm weather this season. Now that the temperatures have dropped some, I am hearing of more large bucks being taken in the eastern Parishes along the Mississippi were the rut is in full swing. In central La. (Piney woods country) the rut is in late October early November and the temps were in the 70's at daybreak. Also, if 3 bucks each is slow, I'll trade leases with them ! How many do you have to take to be happy ?


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Is also a problem, at least in my property in georgia, I have found many a doe and fawns eaten by coyotes and now I have seen a panther in my property also and found a kill, I have many bobcats because we don't shoot those, it is too far for me to drive and shoot these animals and loose shooting a deer, but this February Iam going for 2 weeks just to get rid of the Coyotes.
Now If I could get rid of the big Lumber trucks, i burried 14 deer in one weekend killed by trucks in front of my Cabin

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