2005 WTC Seminars

Submitted by Ken Edwards on 1/21/05 at 5:43 PM. ( ken@taxidermy.net )

The 2005 World Taxidermy Championships seminar schedule has been published. In addition to the printed brochure which is now in the mail, the WTC website has been updated with seminar descriptions and times. Click on WTC at the top of this page to read about the details.

The 2005 WTC seminar program features something of interest for every taxidermist. The all-star lineup of instructors includes Dan Bantley, Dennis Behn, Simon Blackshaw, Glen Browning, Gary Bruch, Manny Chavez, John Creager, Brad Eldred, Lou Gagliano, John Lager, Joe Meder, Cally Morris, Jeff Mourning, Page Nethercutt, Bill Newman, Brian Nordland, Billy Ollie, Mike Orthober, Amy Ritchie, Paul Rhymer, George Roof, Mike Ross, Carol Rutkowski, Jason Snowberger, Tom Weickum, Harry Whitehead, Ken Zimmerman, and Marcus Zimmerman.

Make your plans now ... it is only 9-1/2 weeks away!

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Wow - George Roof at a World Show

This response submitted by PA on 1/21/05 at 8:31 PM. ( )

Wish I could afford to go...

Don't get all excited Stephen

This response submitted by George on 1/21/05 at 8:48 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

I have the perfect job. I'm an interlocutor for 3 magnificently talented taxidemists who will do all the work. I get to act as if I have a clue what they're doing and BS the audience into thinking I'm just as good as they are. It doesn't get any better than that.

well whattya know!

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/21/05 at 9:57 PM. ( )

I guess Im NOT doing a seminar this time after all! Sorry for any confusion for those I told I would be. I guess Im the last to know...Looks like a pretty good selection this year, though.

Bill that ain't right

This response submitted by Evelyn on 1/22/05 at 9:26 AM. ( )

nothing says you can't have a private seminar in one of the empty rooms. Who says yer have to be on the list? I had already reserved my center front row seat for your seminar and I am not giving it up.LOL


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/22/05 at 9:05 PM. ( )

(Note to self)...Evelyn is like drop dead gorgeous...I still cant believe she just posted this...I know she works out...Dang, gotta find a room with only ONE seat in it...

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