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Hey Jeff,
Jeff here.
Sorry to hear of the trouble you are having with your son.
I went through a divorce 8 yrs ago when my youngest was 2 months old. I have 3 great kids that I only see during the summer because they moved to Mississippi and I'm in Iowa.
When I was 5 my dad was killed in a fire .....he was burned over 90% of his body.He managed to pull his partner out of the house they were working at and survived for 4 1/2 weeks in the hospital before pneumonia finally took him.
My mom did have some photos but I personally don't think that it would be a good idea to show him those pics.
I'm sure you have heard this before but spend alot of time with him and get him busy in your shop too.I have a hard time getting Josh to open up to me at times too but when he works with me it seems to just flow out. The youngest girl on the other hand ...she just blabs about everything bothering her.Her oldest sister just kinda keeps quiet most of the time and is worried that her mom isn't comming back for her in 6 weeks .But that seems to take a backseat when Kristen gets her cooking hahha.
My boy begs me every summer to let him try and mount something. We mounted a pheasant together for him which his step dad ([expletive deleted] to the max) threw away because it was something that we (my son and I) had done together.
I don't know what his problem is with me ...he took my wife and kids from me but seems to think I want her back .....WHAT A JOKE! I'd commit suicide before taking her and her problems back.Thats a whole different story haha.
I am happily married again as of Nov.21st of 2004 and my kids have taken to my new wife Kristen like ducks to water ,which we are both very happy to see.
My kids have not lashed out like your boy has but they do have some problems with not being with their dad (me) but only 6 weeks out of the yr.
My oldest girl 11 now ,has bad seperation anxioty when she comes here but that is due to her mom's manipulation.
We would love to have my kids living with us but not much I can do according to the courts. My ex may soon help me out on that because she is going to home school them this next semester.
She has no clue what she is doing and we are afraid she will jepordise their education.
My boy is very gifted and has been in accelerated programs in school since he was in the 2nd grade.
He would love to play football too but the ex won't let him.
I've explained to her that I will not be able to afford college for him due to my disability so he needs sports to help him.He plays football with the local kids here during the summer and they all fight over him and want him on their team haha.He is very tallented in football too.
It is so unfortunate that the kids take the brunt of a divorce.
All you can do my friend is love him and let him know all the time that you do and that he can talk to you about anything.
We will keep you and your son and the rest of the family in our prayers.
Some of the other advice in the post was good advice too.
Counciling with him would be great but like I said at the beginning I don't think he needs to see the pics.I looked at them when I was in my 30's and they were very disturbing to me . I don't know what it would do to a 12 yr old boy.
If you wanna chat on the phone sometime feel free to call me @ 319-721-4098 central time.
Peace my friend, Jeff of Jeff's Taxidermy

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Thanks Jeff

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Sounds like you've got one of those psycho x's too. I found a good counselor this morning and a member of the fire dept. who talks to children in this scenerio. I also had a talk with him last night and told him not to be afraid to talk to me about anything,right or wrong. I'll also continue to find positive avenues in which he can focus his anxieties and emotions. Sorry to hear the sad story of your Father. Hope everyhting works out for your children also. They definately are worth everything we put into them. Hope your New Year is prosperous. Jeff F.


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Sounds like things are going in the right direction Jeff.
If ya need to talk or vent give me a got the #.

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