Kim Owens

Submitted by Jan George on 1/22/05 at 11:45 AM. ( )

I got in kind of late on your post about the mule killing the mountain lion, but I would love to have pictures of it if you still have them. I took in a lion 2 days ago that weighs approx. 185, and the guy that killed it brought a video of him shooting it with his bow. The cat came flying out of the tree trying to mall the shooter and ripped the jeans off of his leg, but didn't get any skin, then ran about 20 yards and died. This all took place in about 7 or 8 seconds. Barry was black and blue for a while. He would enjoy seeing these pictures as would my 88-year-old great uncle in Ky who did the majority of his farming over the years with mules and still rides his horses EVERY day. All 3 of them. Thanks.

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This response submitted by Jan George on 1/22/05 at 11:46 AM. ( )

That's "maul". I hate it when that happens.

I may have those photos

This response submitted by cur on 1/22/05 at 12:14 PM. ( )

I will check my folders for them.....I received the series from Wilson, I believe, and forwarded them, and may have them on file.....Impressive.....Neatest thing were the pack dogs just watching it happen....I think we should send mules to Iraq....LOL

Snopes wants to denie it but cant!

This response submitted by John C on 1/22/05 at 12:53 PM. ( )

I did have the site where the pics were posted

This response submitted by JOhn C on 1/22/05 at 12:56 PM. ( )

I did send the site address to snopes, the photo appears to be real, note different positons of the cat.

Some say its retouched with all the colors and BS.

Since snopes does have the info, and they cannot disprove it, they posted a disclaimer.

I saw the photos on the snopes website

This response submitted by Jan George on 1/22/05 at 1:32 PM. ( )

and printed them. Cur or Kim, are these the same photos you have? Thanks.


This response submitted by Kim Owens on 1/22/05 at 5:04 PM. ( )

Jan- those are the same pictures. Sorry I didn't get back to you- got busy at work.

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