Submitted by Heath Cline on 1/3/05 at 11:55 PM. ( )

Yes, I know I was yelling, that's because I am a little mad!
This post is to warn possible future menmbers of an NRA scam.
You see a couple of years ago I was at the Michigan Taxidermy Convention working the booth for Buckeye Mannikins. As alot of you know, there is also a hunting and fishing show going on at the same time. Well, the NRA had a booth there and were offering a Life Member payment plan. I was already a member and was wanting to become a Life Member so I signed up. But before I did I made sure I asked the NRA reps if I would still recieve all the Life member stuff like the Life Member Jacket once I paid my Life dues off. And they told me YES ! Well , I made the payment every 3 months and just lately paid the remaining $ 250.00 off to become a "proud" Life Member. When I inquired about my jacket ( a $ 250.00 value), I was now told you only get the jacket if you pay the $ 750.00 in one payment up front. If this is a change in policy, why was I not informed ? Why is someone who could afford to pay the $ 750.00 in one payment any better than someone who made the payments? $ 750.00 is $ 750.00 ! Am I missing something here? I know some will say its only a jacket but its not only the jacket ! How am I to still stand up for the NRA when I know they lie even to their members? How am I to believe anything they say?
By the way I have contacted them by email twice and they will answer or reply at all.Sorry this so long but this BULLSH*T really P*SSES MY OFF! So just to warn everybody , please be careful. Thanks for letting me vent and does anybody have any ideas what I should do ? Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks...Heath

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Why not, they lie about everything else

This response submitted by Cecil on 1/4/05 at 7:03 AM. ( )

First it was, "Gore will take your guns away" and this election it was "Kerry will take your guns away." Wasn't true.

Call them!

This response submitted by marty on 1/4/05 at 8:31 AM. ( )

Email is a very, very poor way to attempt to handle a problem. Not to get into a bunch of details, just call them and talk to a human...

We'll never know Cecil,,,,,

This response submitted by tomdes on 1/4/05 at 8:37 AM. ( )

Now that either of those democraps got into office. The threat is there, even though neither would have ever been successful taking our guns away. Heath, sorry you got jipped, I'd pursue that a little more, you'll probably get your jacket if you can get to the right person, explain to them "that's what was promised me" at the show. Threaten to cancel your lifetime membership, ask for a refund, put up a bigger stink than they can dish out. They don't want to lose you as a member, not for a $30-50 coat(their cost). I'm a big NRA supporter, even though I don't always agree with some of their philosophies, they are our strongest ally in the fight to protect our gun rights and worth every cent of that $35 annual membership.

Life member scince 1987

This response submitted by Bradlee on 1/4/05 at 9:11 AM. ( )

I payed all up front back then and never got anything by doing so. Still get the magazines . Used to get a new hat when I was just renewing dues. I didn't join though for free stuff , I joined for freedom . I like Marty's idea . Just call them and discuss the issue with a person . They have always been helpfull to me when I called . Lost my lifetime member card once and they had a new one to me within a week so that I could get into the Banquet they had here. Bradlee

Me too Bradlee

This response submitted by George on 1/4/05 at 9:26 AM. ( )

And I never got a lifetime jacket either. I got a lifetime patch and decal. Personally, and this is JUST PERSONAL, I wouldn't wear the NRA jacket in public anyway. I don't wear apparel that might put me in a situation where I'd have to tell people like Cecil to kiss the southern end of a northbound chicken. I don't carry my deer in my roof rack either. If I want a leather jacket to wear, I'd buy one.

BTW Cecil, have you crawled around on your belly deer hunting like Kerry does yet? I figured that's the way a snake would do it anyway, so I figure he was correct in what he said.

I just called them.....

This response submitted by Heath Cline on 1/4/05 at 11:21 AM. ( )

and no help yet! I need to somehow get ahold of the right person.
I didn't "join for the free stuff" either, bradly. When I am told something, I expect organazation to honor it! Seems you were concerned to reap your "benefit" to get into that banquet, though, what's the difference?
George, I know you didn't get a jacket, but did they tell you that you would, like they told me? I guess I am different, I would want to wear my jacket around. That really surprises me that it would concern you, you always come across to me that you wouldn't care what someone thought. To me that is like saying that I wouldn't wear a camo hat in public in fear that an anti hunter might see me. I want people to know I am a hunter and a NRA member. Maybe that's just me.
I guess it's when I tell someone something and give my word, I stick to it. And I just expect the same from other people. I guess the NRA is exempt from this as long as they get their money.


This response submitted by Richard C on 1/4/05 at 12:03 PM. ( )

You can't really appreciate the Kerry/Kennedy gun control laws unless you LIVE in Massachusetts. You guys that live in White bread America's LaLa land don't have a friggin clue what effect these Socialist Liberal Democrat Bastards have on ones life.
At one point in time the Socialist Democrat Massachusetts governor and one time presidential canadite had a derictive sent down from the Chief of the State Police to all on the State Police to find a excuse to stop any vehicle with any NRA or gun club sticker traveling on the Mass Pike and search it for guns.
This is the state that wants to reclassify the bow and arrow as a firearm, to control it more and the state that wants to ban the machette, the weapon of choice of the new latin minoritys , that they eased up the laws for that so they coul'd come to Amerika. We banned all trapping except underwater Beaver. All's not lost though, they passed a law ,you can now marry within you sex with all benefits that a male and female married couple have.


This response submitted by Bill Jones on 1/4/05 at 1:42 PM. ( Jones Taxidermy )

Heath, I had a problem with Lowe's. They wanted to give me a store credit for a cabinet and other items I bought which totaled almost $400.00. I told them upon returning the cabinet that they did not have the one I needed and that I wanted my money back! I then talked with the store manager, who would only give me his first name and then I really got pissed! I called their home office and told them that if I didn't money back, I would be in front of the store, on a busy highway with ten other people and signs indicating what a rip off they were. They called me back within 10 minutes, apologized and I went to the store within the hour and got my refund! Keep calling until you get the right person!

Not at all, Heath

This response submitted by George on 1/4/05 at 3:17 PM. ( )

Sometimes you need to dress like a sheep or in our case "in camo" to get close to the prey. I deal with many politicians of different persuasions and a few bunny huggers. We have an agreement that I won't talk against their folly as long as they leave mine along. As I've said a dozen times, "It's easy to a vegetarian when your belly is full." Well, these well meaning, honest people have their bellys full and I can enjoy their company better when I don't alienate their principles. I figure my leather coat signifies that a cow died, they take it as a fashion pate. We both win and I seem to get as many things done by "acquaintenance" as I do by "idealism".

I got no problem with

This response submitted by Bradlee on 1/4/05 at 6:07 PM. ( )

You being told you were getting a jacket . Your post just seemed to read like that was all you joined for to me . I do agree if they told you you get one , they do owe you one . Just keep trying the calling and it should work out . Bradlee

Life member

This response submitted by b bishop/ Republican on 1/4/05 at 8:11 PM. ( )

here & no NRA jacket , and no big deal . Read the fine print next time Heath . Sounds like a misunderstanding more than something that should scatter your nuts so bad.


This response submitted by Heath Cline on 1/5/05 at 12:25 AM. ( )

hey bishop,
Maybe you don't mind being lied to, but I do!
By the way, a little side note.
A fellow taxidermist friend of mine from Illinois who I phoned tonight had this to tell me. He too was doing the payment plan and the NRA sent him a letter telling him that as of a certain date(I don't know the exact date), he would have to pay off his balance due to recieve his jacket, which he did. Of course he had no idea or didn't think about me not getting a notice or he would have told me. And I had no idea that about it because I never recieved and litature about it.
All this boils down to is lying! And there was no misunderstanding! I know what was said to me face !

I didn't get the notice!

This response submitted by tcoop on 1/5/05 at 1:05 AM. ( )

I am doing the life payment plan right now, and I didn't get the notice. I singed up at the Illinois Deer and Turkey Classic and I was also told that when it was paid off, I would get everything that someone who paid it all up front would get.


Check your e-mail

This response submitted by A.E. Walsh on 1/5/05 at 8:07 AM. ( )

I sent you the name and number for the guy to call at NRA.


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