Illinois/Florida Deer Antler Fight

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I got bored from looking, but for those of you who would like to pursue this mystery....The following link is a sequence list of Fish and Game violations in the State of Illinois, year by year, month by month and day by day. The list contains every Law Enforcement report filed. I went through several recent months and can find nothing that resembles the story.

Perhaps someone has more time than I and wishes to check out the facts.

Go here to read about violaters, criminals, and just plain dumb folks....Maybe you can find your friend or neighbor in the citations....LOL

Just click on the year and the month you want to investigate....There are similar pages for a lot of state CO activities.

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Speculation .....Miami is a nonresident landowner

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consider the 6th sense gut feeling I get about this,
my suspicion is this case hinges on the part of "landowner" there is too much emphasis on LANDOWNER

the state I used to work allowed landowners to hunt FREE, there was a definition of what a landowner was, nonresident landowners had to purchase nonresident licenses because of the definition they didn't reside on the land....I check Illinois regs 670.21 (3) and found this:
Resident landowners hunt free too BUT BUT BUT
Non-resident Illinois landowners (of 40 acres or more) are also eligible to apply for a combination archery deer permit for their property only. The fee to non-resident Illinois landowners owning 40 acres or more for a combination permit for their property only shall be $70. The fee for a nonresident archery combination permit is $225

Speculation.... on my part, BUT I bet the guy Miami either didn't get this nonresident license, OR his acreage was under 40 acres and he got it and wasn't eligible, or he just got resident license.....that was found out later after the "Court" that he wasn't eligible to hunt on the license or lack of the proper license

He owns

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160 Acres and His wife who is a local owns 400 acres and his father in law 480 acres, and he does have an archery liscense.

Poor animals

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I was reading the offense report that you posted. I can't immagine that many people kill that many animals out of season and unlawfully. Poor animals don't have a chance! It sure is a sad reflection of society. For the most part, I guess these degenerates only get a citation and their hunting privledges taken away, maybe a fine or something. What a load of hooey!


This response submitted by cur on 1/23/05 at 12:38 AM. ( )

Yeah, you read those reports and you wonder how many humans are just barely in the human race........Most state governments post similar listings of CO arrests and activities, more people should read them. Makes you wonder if Darwin was wrong, and that maybe we are on our way back down.

Next time you see a CO, thank him for a job well done, and remember why they are sometimes too suspicious. They are the only defense against those outlaws, and many of them lose their lives defending our wildlife heritage.

Always two sides of the story

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only subject specifically from Florida I could find in Deer season 2004, could this be Miami

A District Sergeant apprehended a Florida subject who had purchased Illinois resident archery tags and hunting licenses. The subject had also obtained a fraudulent Illinois drivers license for ID. He was tripped up when he was in possession of a 22 Hornet rifle without a FOID card. The subject was previously arrested two weeks ago for guiding without license.


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Thats funny. Illinois is the only state that has a FOID card. You have to have this I.D. Which is a Firearm Owners I.D. Without one of these that is valid you are not even allowed to hold ammunition at a gun shop, wal-mart, or gun shows. Thats how strict the laws have become here. At gun shows you have to wear the I.D. or get it out every time you want to physically touch or hold something such as ammunition or guns. If you are hunting you have to have it on your person along with your hunting lic., hunting tags, valid stamps on the lic. for what ever type of hunting you may be doing, and they also have a form (card) that you are suppose to carry on your person if you are hunting on private land that the landowner signs and dates stating that you have permission to hunt on his property. I wish they would do things like Missouri when it comes to the hunting lic. and permits. I went throught the Missouri hunting class so I could hunt bobcats. I didn't have to take the class again because they honor the classes from other states but at the time I couldn't find my Hunter Education card to prove to them that I had taken the class. Any way after going through the class they gave me my Heritage card. I haven't done it yet but they said you can go to Wal Mart and buy tags for animals and they swipe this card through just like a credit card. They have all your info on this card so when say the game warden wants to check it out all he has to do is swipe it like your drivers lic. A lot less crap to carry around. Dan

Here is a similar case

This response submitted by cur on 1/23/05 at 11:49 AM. ( )

This is a similar case, without all the rhetoric, but similar, nonetheless. The hunter was from Indiana, and not Florida, but the procedures followed what I should imagine any DNR Enforcement Division would follow. Obviously the Illinois DNR folks work cases like we all speculated......Notice how they involved the Indiana DNR and evoked the Lacy Act for Federal action......Why wouldn't they follow the same procedure with other cases?

The below example from the Illinois Enforcement divisions log of actions from Dec, 2002.

To wit:

A CPO received information that an 11 point buck had been taken to an Indiana taxidermist. The informant advised that the rack was not tagged and the hunter had stated he shot it with a rifle in Illinois. Indiana DNR Police assisted in investigating and seizing the deer antlers. Due to a language barrier, another CPO interviewed the subject about the deer rack. During the investigation it was learned that the hunter was arrested in early November. The subject had been apprehended while hunting deer with a rifle in a Cook County Forest Preserve. The subject did not have an Illinois hunting license or deer permit. The subject admitted during the interview that he shot the deer in the forest preserve with a rifle on the day the CPO arrested him on the other charges. He also admitted that he fraudulently obtained multiple resident Indiana licenses and permits. The Officer seized the Indiana permits and licenses and turned the deer rack and investigation over to the primary CPO. Charges were amended and Federal Lacey Act charges are pending. As a result of the investigation, multiple charges are pending against the subject in Indiana as well.........

I would like to know the dates of the alleged siezure in Florida in order to track those records down as well.......Heresay is never fact, and ALL CO and DNR Enforcement records and reports are a matter of public record. Ya just have to know where to look for them........LOVE this Internet....LOL

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