anyone having trouble with listing on ebay?

Submitted by trappersteph on 1/4/05 at 11:58 AM. ( )

Last 2 days, everytime I try to list a new item my screen freezes up and I have to reboot the computer. I am going to go see if I get a response from ebay, but wondering if anyone else is having trouble. I also wanted to relist something that didn't sell and there was no relist link with the completed auction and yes I was signed in.

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I just listed an item lastnight with no problems

This response submitted by Eric on 1/4/05 at 3:02 PM. ( )

Might be just your computer, I listed an item lastnight around 8:00 P.M. central time. Eric

trouble with computer

This response submitted by Sandy on 1/7/05 at 2:44 PM. ( )

I have trouble sometimes, do this, switch from microsoft internet explorer to netscape, worked for me.

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