drowning a coon?

Submitted by Ross on 1/4/05 at 5:04 PM. ( )

How many of you that said that it is in humane ever bowhunt? or dont think anything is wrong with that, death by arrow will be more painfull than drowning. you will have the pain of the arrow and also the same drowning experience as your lungs fill up with blood. think about how things are killed on a daily basis not just the teddybear thought of death. If you want to drown your coon then drown it. the whole thought of being humane is fairly recent, they used to nail people to a tree to kill them now they get put to sleep. end result--death- every time but one. jesus.


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This is a taxidermy forum

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We are not here to debate methods of killing. We are here to talk about the preservation and mounting of already dead animals. Do you know how to preserve or mount a dead thing? Your opinions are your opinions, but if you cannot stay on topic, please go away.

There was a preacher

This response submitted by cur on 1/4/05 at 5:20 PM. ( )

Who drowned quite a few folks during baptisms.......he thought the bubbles were from the spirit.

Humane, the word is not a recent concept, by the way, and this Jesus you mentioned practiced humanity. What was it he said about God loving the sparrow as much as he loved man? Or do some verses in the bible not universally apply?

And who said that bowhunting was always "humane"? A modern bow in the hands of a skilled archer is a terrible weapon that kills cleanly and efficiently. Put that same bow in the hands of a poor shot, and it becomes a terror weapon. All good archers I know shoot for the sweet spot and practice their skills year-round to prevent wounding the game they seek. An inept archer who gut shoots deer ought to have an arrow driven up his or her rump for taking a poor shot, or not spending the time and effort to make each shot count.

Any man that can witness death and not be affected by it is missing a message about life itself. Like I have always said, dead is dead, and death, no matter how it arrives is the final curtain. It is not the mechanism of drowning that offends me, nor the death of a raccoon, it is doing so when more efficient methods are available, without qualm or conscience. Killing is fine by me. You may do it any way you want. But if you kill any creature with the feeling that you have some inherited, or God given right to do so, it may be time to rethink some things.


This response submitted by JOE on 1/4/05 at 5:57 PM. ( )

i mean no offence by what i am about to say... i do agree with you that their are better ways to kill a raccoon then drowning... but now this is a 13 yr old catching it in a cage trap... he has no gun to shoot it and shooting a gun into a metal trap isnt the safest.... he has no experience clubing and trying to get the raccoon out of the trap and then clubing it would be hard and a risk for the kid.... and injection also is a risk for he would have to get close to the raccoon and could get bite or worse accidently inject himself.... is not drowning the safest and most humane way that the boy could kill the raccoon without putting added risk to himself? just my opionion everyone has their own but this kid wants to get into this sport and some people are just trying to help him along while keeping added risk off his health... have a good day....


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I didn't say there was anything wrong with it, just that there are other ways. I don't think the process is wrong, just so long as it is excepted as a means to an ends or a practical solution. I would do the same with no other options. I inject specimens to kill them, and I suppose there is no difference. Somehow I read something else in the post other than just efficiency.

i dont

This response submitted by Ross on 1/4/05 at 6:38 PM. ( )

i dont drown anamial and i never will. i have a 22 pistol and i will shoot them, i believe that it would beeasier than fighting with one to drown it. i was just saying that if someone wants to thats fine. dont give them crap about it. personally i would not inject one because i think the panic you would create while holding it down to drug it would be worse than shooting it. cur, my post was not directed at you it was directed at the people who said it was wrong and unethical period. i was just trying to illistrate that a bow shot anamial (through both lungs) does not die from blood loss but it drowns in its blood. i believe that this is a worse death than just drowning.

no offence but

This response submitted by Tommy on 1/4/05 at 9:55 PM. ( phil1997@bellsouth.net )

not trying to butt in but a bow shoot deer doesnt die from drowning in its blood.it dies from blood loss and if you are an ethical hunter and your broadheads are sharp they dont even fill it.I have shoot deer and they just look around and not run for the few seconds it takes them to die.it is like when you cut yourself with a razor it bleeds like heck but doesnt hurt much.And as for the drowning of the coon i thought it was a good idea for a 13year old to do like Joe said it is the safest way for a kid.

I agree

This response submitted by God on 1/5/05 at 8:57 PM. ( )

Killem all, drown em, shoot'em club'em, step on em, drive over em, stab em, hang em, them Damn varmits!

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