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Howdy folks,

Wayne (kiwi) has asked that I take over Kiwi's Chat. Been mulling the idea over for a while now, and am not sure if I really want to do that or not. First of all, I am busy, and even though the chat pretty much runs itself, and the software is about as easy as it gets, I hate to do anything and not do it well.

First of all, IF I agree to take it over, it will not be run like an electronic slumber or Frat party. And, IF I take it over, the hammer will be mine, and it won't matter to me on whom I drop it. The most difficult chore has been to decided on a system that will preclude a lot of nonsense that has led to demise of other chat rooms. The rules should be fair, but then again, it isn't a democracy....(Remember who has the hammer.) To that end, here are some proposals for membership, conduct, and exclusions.

1. The chat will primarily be for professional or serious amateur taxidermists only. No exceptions.

2. Secondly, other than Taxidermists, admission would be permitted to professional hunters, guides and conservationists (Biologists, wildlife managers, museum staff and directors, etc.) Again, subject to my approval.

3. No friends, or friends of friends will be admitted unless they fit the above criteria. Period.

4. No children under the age of 18, and no children whose parents are members. This will be an adult chat, and anyone complaining about conduct because their children are offended will be promptly booted. Neither I nor the members at large have the right to tell another how to raise his or her child, that is granted. But allowing children to participate in an adult environment is not good parenting, in my opinion. Members should not have to guard what they say because someone else does not approve. If you don't approve, take a hike, it is that simple. You want to share an activity with a minor child, try Romper room or the Ice Capades. (See paragraph two above)

5. The chat room will not be a singles bar, either. If folks want to get laid or be cute with the opposite sex, there are places for that. Now there is a whisper function, and if you are so desparate that a chat room is the only place one can interact with the opposite sex, then whisper about it.

6. I am the original equal opportunity offender. My words for ladies are not much different than for men. Now that is not to say that women shouldn't be treated with respect. They should be, but so should men. Women who object can read and follow number 4., above.

7. Anyone who threatens physical harm or worse to another individual, will be hammered. Any one taunting another to that degree of anger, will be hammered. Once someone is booted, there will be no return, no Christmas card, and no key to either rest room.

8. There will be no sound, and no cameras. You want to see each other, visit. You want to talk to one another, grab the phone.

9. All persons applying for membership will submit a brief resume about their taxidermy or other experience. I expect name, address and telephone number to arrive with the submission. You don't want to do that, see the above. There will be accountability and there will be consequence for ill actions.

10. I plan to arrange weekly or at least bi-monthly seminars with quality men and women from this or other fields. I would hope to include biologists, Conservation Officers, and experts from related fields like photography and plastics and chemical engineering. Announcements will be made on the WASCO Taxidermy Net Forums, as well as by email in advance. Remember the guests will be on their time and at their convenience.

11. Once your membership is accepted, you will not be hassled by me or another. You may meet friends on the chat 24/7 to discuss anything you choose. The same freedoms enjoyed in the past will remain the same. The only difference is that there will be no non-professionals or persons outside the mentioned fields allowed membership.

12. It would be my hope that once the initial membership protocols are established that the chat room would be a fun and interesting place to visit and let down one's hair. Since there are no cameras allowed in, you may chat in the nude, by hanging from the ceiling, or have your dog type for you - and in some cases, that might not be a bad idea. Whether you discuss the price of Tiajuana hookers or a loaf of bread makes no difference to me. MSN, however has rules and it would behoove folks to read and heed them.

13. The management reserves the right to change the rules at any time for any reason. THAT is the one rule to never forget. Remember the hammer. There will be no voting on membership, and no amount of pleading will make me change my mind about who is or isn't a member. Remember, the chat room is not a democracy, I have the hammer, and I won't be afraid to use it.

Those are the terms under which I would agree to be Rest Room monitor for this group of children.....You too JL..
If folks don't want to play by the above, then my ball and me won't enter the playground.

Did I say that the hammer is mine?

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Sounds great to me

This response submitted by jon on 1/5/05 at 8:56 AM. ( jonathan@harlequintaxidermy )

Just say when and where to sign up.


Sounds fair enough

This response submitted by Hip-O Taxidermy on 1/5/05 at 10:04 AM. ( )

Looks like a good plan to me.......I'd participate.

Here is my resume

This response submitted by Evelyn on 1/5/05 at 10:12 AM. ( )


This one phrase should qualify me for the entire chatroom. Like Uncle Glen says, I am know far and wide by but one name. Ok I'll be waiting for the approval form. LOL

A noble jesture Cur...

This response submitted by tomdes on 1/5/05 at 10:51 AM. ( )

Sign me up... I like the spread of knowledge, should be interesting and hopefully without the riff-raft..

The dummy's in

This response submitted by on 1/5/05 at 11:34 AM. ( )

What is a superpig anyway? Can it fly or do super piggy things?
The legion has it she has a super piglet and a super sow running with her.


This response submitted by Bob Mead on 1/5/05 at 11:54 AM. ( )

You forgot to mention that you do wholesale reptiles and mammals...

Bob and Taxidummy

This response submitted by Evelyn on 1/5/05 at 12:54 PM. ( )

Bob, I mentioned the wholesale service already in the resume I sent to Cur personally this morning. But thanks for reminding me. LOL

Taxidummy, I can do both. I can fly on my broom as well do super piggy things. I am an all around SUPERPIG. No superpiglets running around and the super sow is actually a super boar. I hope I edumacated you some with this info. LOL


This response submitted by DaveT on 1/5/05 at 6:19 PM. ( )

Cur with a hammer? I guess i am in trouble lol

Count me in


so do people...

This response submitted by samantha on 1/5/05 at 7:05 PM. ( )

Who are already members need to reapply? lol.

I can go with that ! ! !

This response submitted by Michelle W on 1/5/05 at 10:18 PM. ( )

I will go with that....Count me in as well ! ! !

I'm in ...

This response submitted by Asher on 1/6/05 at 4:54 PM. ( )

Those sound like great rules to me.

I'm already a member

This response submitted by HOSS on 1/7/05 at 4:40 PM. ( )

but wouldn't mind re-enlisting. I'm game. Cur let us know when resume are being accepted.

yo check it

This response submitted by flatface on 1/17/05 at 7:58 AM. ( )

go to this site if you are man yo come on to diss
you forget it

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