2004 WASCO Award Winners

Submitted by Ken Edwards on 1/5/05 at 2:14 PM. ( ken@taxidermy.net )

The 2004 WASCO Award winners lists has been updated at www.taxidermy.com. There are 12 states that we do not yet have the winner's information on. We will be publishing the final results in the next issue of Breakthrough, and I would hate to leave anyone out. If you know who won the WASCO Award at the following competitions, please email me with the information, so I can update the list. Thanks a lot.

March 27, 2004 West Virginia Taxidermy Association

June 24, 2004 Maine Association of Taxidermists

May 23, 2004 Quebec Taxidermy Association

May 28, 2004 Mississippi State Taxidermy Association

June 5, 2004 Western Regional Taxidermy Competition (New Mexico Taxidermy Association)

June 5, 2004 Canadian Taxidermy Association

June 11, 2004 Arkansas Taxidermist Association

June 12, 2004 Oregon Association of Taxidermists

June 12, 2004 Alabama Taxidermists Association

August 1, 2004 Eastern Regional Taxidermy Convention (Maryland Taxidermy Association)

August 7, 2004 Missouri Taxidermist Association

August 8, 2004 Ohio Association of Taxidermists

Also, if you are a current or former WASCO Award winner, be sure to check the alphabetical listings of all award winners to verify the accuracy of your information. Thank you.

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